Some Stuff (New and Since EA)


since I’m not a paid tester or somewhat but I paid for the game I just write feedback as I feel.
So take it or don’t.

  • Fights are mostly annoying through laggy (rubber band) mobs, there needs to put in more work.
  • Spiders are changing look if you killed them move out of sight and back in.
  • If an npc is dead and you moved out of sight and back in it plays dead animation again.
  • Mostly on every crafting table or placeable you put on ground you have still
    the placing option and can’t do anything, just relogging.
  • On wall placement you have sometimes outside looking walls if you just
    have inside looking walls build, without a logical reason. This is since early access not fixed.
  • Character Creation is bugged, you can’t see character on some options.
  • This Boss mobs near The Northern Aqueduct are a bit too easy to kill. Should be 30-40% stronger.
  • Why only Stone and Wood for 1000 unit stack and not ore and so on too?
  • New building performance seems not really faster at the moment on test live and it would be cool
    if you can handle first structur loading and after that workbenches thralls, lights and
    stuff. Maybe buildings should loading in on higher radius. At least on PC
    with higher specs.
  • Beside of rubber band, Ki could be still better
    • pathing!
    • how they react on you. As example Hyenas/Humans should not attack first if you are stronger
      or they should call for help. It looks stupid if you are in a Tribe and no one reacts while you
      kill the NPCs a bit out of aggro range) Must not be super realistic but a bit social KI would be cool.
  • On Trebuchet its to easy to miss click lever and with bad luck you
    have whole Trebuchet inventory in your bag.
  • Animal Compound could be at least 20% smaller. Why are they so big?
  • Decaytimer of 7 days is to short, put it at least on 14 days and maybe for PVE for important
    structures like oberlisk and so on let structures get dmg (curruption?) if they are too close.


  • It would be nice if you changed it (or at least give optional Option)
    on sprint do single click shift for starting sprint and single click for
    stopping. This shift key pressing all the time hurts the finger, because
    you need to run a lot of time without mounts. Some Games do it like this The Division, Anthem and so on.

There are more to cover but I stop here for now.

Known issues posted on the patch notes.

Hey there,

Thank you for the feedback. We could do without the in-your-face tone, but you do you I guess. I’ll write these down for the dev team and provide some further details to some of your points here.

We are working on performance issues and bugs reported by the community. :slight_smile:

This is an LOD (Level of Detail) bug and has been reported to the team.

Known issues that will be fixed. It’s also been mentioned in the Testlive Patch Notes under Known Issues. Climbing up a tree will usually take care of it. Multigun already linked to this, but I just wanted to mention it again.

Sometimes, if you’re building a little fast, the wall placement mesh (the yellow glowing “ghost” of a wall) will flip. So always make sure to read which way the “Outer Face” text is facing.

It’s mostly noticeable on bigger structures. If what you’ve built isn’t very large it might not seem faster.

Loading in buildings has gone from this:

To this:

This is a bit far outside of our current scope for the game. We’ll see if this is something we’ll be able to change in the future.

So you have room to raise rhinos and other large creatures :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the feedback

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If you use auto-walk, hold shift, then bring up the map while holding shift. Then release shift and switch out of map.

It’ll “lock” your shift key so you auto-run and you can use the mouse just to tweak direction. To escape this “lock” just use a directional key at any time.

P.s You can also use this trick for auto-climb… but not as useful.

Source: I frequently run across the map while afk.

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