Positive feedback

Hi all, we’ve been entering a lot of bug reports here, so you might have the impression that we (Let’s be geeks) hate the changes.
Far from it, so some feedback on the changes:

  • We are loving the tweaked progression difficulty.
    I used to be able to go from creating my character to the north.
    Doing enough small things along the way would make my character high enough to survive there.
    Now we need to prepare more to survive.
  • The wolves and hyenas got scary again, we love that
  • The NPC differences between levels is a great idea. Low level players will still be able to take down lvl1 NPC’s, but will need to practice more to take down the higher lvl’s
  • Changes on the stack size of low lvl material like stone and wood makes life a lot easier and it made the bearer a viable character to use. Also we love the bearer drops.
  • Changes to the purge seem to work. No more naked nordheimers and the spawning in works a lot better. The attackers are more ‘intelligent’ and all in all it provides a better exprerience
  • Picking up benches and chests (Thanks for accepting my proposal :blush:) and allowing walls to be upgraded between walls, windows and doors makes upgrading and expanding a base a lot less stressfull and saves a lot of wasted time recreating things
  • We’re loving the improved drops, it increases the need to go out and hunt and helps make the game more enjoyable.
  • Elite versions, what can I tell, the first time I found one, the adrenaline really kicked in.
    again, it helps upping the ante, makes the game more interesting, it adds a kind of animal PVP feel to the PVE servers. Great addition to the game, kudo’s to whoever came up with that idea.
  • Our clanleader loves the notes, he now leave’s them all over the place :smiley:
  • Follow clanmembers on the map is a great addition, it saves us from discussions like ‘I’m near that rock next to that river, you know, like on E4 … 10 mins later … I mean I4’
  • Loading time improvements: Love them, just work on the bug where the loading f*cks up the build Building error's not resolved after lates patch
  • Changes on the 2h spear? I use it a lot and hadn’t noticed the change until I read about it in the notes.
    I kinda like the idea, maybe balance it out a bit more?
  • All the other changes have made the game more consistent, less buggy and a lot more enjoyable.

So keep up the good work and just work out the roaming building issue and the fatal error one before going live with the changes and I’ll be a happy camper.

Greetings from the Let’s be geeks clan.


It’s very fine having some positive feedback from time to time, i thank for that.
We players also got tired after several monthes of testing, crashing, and running around. So yes, i love also many changes you mention, but performances, and crashes need still be fixed to make it fully enjoyable.

It’s good having still players loving this great game, and testing it out for better results.

Cheers and have fun, and good testing to you ! :wink:


I dont get/understand this improvement. So what exactly is it and just what does it do…!? A little help explaining anyone?

Ps- I really like the sound of all other points with the exception of the spear.

Think of a wall you have placed and you go, man I should have put a door down. On live, you have destroy it and then plop down your door wall, all the while risking stability.

This change makes it so you side-grade and you just swap out your wall with a doorway (think upgrading without the upgrading part).


ALSO, we love the falling animations:


U forgot 3d sound :grinning:
Idk how its called exactly

Agreed. I’ve been very excited since hearing about the changes posted in December. Most of them have me excited and checking the forums daily for updates on when they’ll be added! :smile:

Whoa whoa whoa. Let’s hold on now. Don’t be taking away that wonderful invasion of naked northerners now! With their rippling muscles an-- Erm cough Nevermind. Good change. Carry on.


I think I understand what you mean…
So it would allow you to place the doorframe you mentioned on the wall pieces place, and it will just automatically replace that wall piece without having to manually destroy it first. Is that correct? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yep, that’s the idea, you don’t have to destroy the previous one first, and you don’t have to worry about supporting the structure (Building ceilings and pillars) while you do it or face losing pieces above it. Is rather nifty, although it could certainly use some tweaks (like making sure it’s easier to see the orientation of the piece you want to replace it with, which is not always guaranteed to face the same direction.)


100% on all the liked feedback. I would like to add some of my hates:

I hate that I can go into vanity mode so I see what was making all that ruckus behind me:

I hate the fact that I still love the sunsets.

I hate that though I think I have been to every part of the map(s), including top and bottom of the mountains/lakes, I still keep finding new things.

I hate that whatever level I am at, when a rhino or elephant charge, they still manage to knock me over.

I really hate that I still get nervous walking about at night if I do not have a torch.

What a really love is that they never took my suggestion seriously of bringing in trapdoor spiders or crocodiles swimming in water (or piranhas)… I also love that river water is see-through.

My therapist hates that FunCom have not embraced subnautica-style scariness - I still have issues hearing stuff underwater. Tascha

Lastly, I hate that I have over two thousand game-hours on the clock and don’t seem to have gotten sick of the damned game. It’s all quite vexing.


That moment when you take out a torch, flip on vanity mode… and look behind you.


I love this idea. I have had all three storeys worth of pieces directly above the one I replaced on ground floor collapse on me before. Im not too proud to admit that I swore just a bit.

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Yep, agreed. I’ve had similar cases in very large structures do the same, or in some ways worse… the immediate areas will be fine, it’ll just break something way further up and I have to find it and fix it. Definitely an improvement I’m looking forward to, but it does need some fixes to make it easier to tell the direction of the replacement.

Interesting fact, I believe they had this partially implemented already in terms of foundations. I’ve replaced tier 1 foundations with tier 3 without anything collapsing, so I’m lead to believe this is sort of the same thing. Now they’ve included walls and ‘side grading’ iirc, which means you can take same tier and replace it with something else like a window or a door.

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All the changes are a step in the right direction. A few are a bit scary…glowing eyes? Do not have a clan mate to try the map. but love the random spawns of NPCs and the hunters, Still not tried all areas.

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agreed @Sting01
totally sums it up

I would have loved this change a couple days ago when I was renovating my base. But still looking forward to seeing it live. :thinking::grin:

It may be a good addition for a MMORPG but in here it’s out of place and ruins the “survival mode”. In my opinion this feature should not be added to the game or at least it should be made optional.

No Rennia, never, ever do vanity when it is dark. That is what evil is made of. :rofl:

I like the new named Thrall spawns at Q 21. Finding a randomly named thrall patrolling around the island was shocking at first; I’ve built there so many times, that I didn’t expect to find anyone. One time, I even opened the door to my base and he was right there on my doorstep!

And yes, its a shared named thrall location; its not the same thrall all the time. So far, I’ve been able to identify at least three named thralls sharing that location (but only one at a time) – all fighters. So far, its been Tessa, Airk, and I forget the name of the other guy.


Crossed also some fun groups in the north, they seemed fishing or having good time doing some outdoor stuff. :smirk:

And i’m sure, i didn’t see them all, i hope i didn’t, still great making new encounters.

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