Thrall nerf to far?

So I’m new to the forums but thought I’d just post my thoughts with the test live thralls.
I get the nerf, especially when it comes to beastmaster Teimos. What I don’t get is why they are nerfed into the dirt. I leveled up a couple thralls In testlive and the Teimos I leveled came out with just over 2000 hit points. Potential 14k down to 2k is a bit much in my opinion. Thralls ai are already bad enough so why go this far? Even 5k is low and can be killed in 1 minute in pvp. I worry that solos and small clans that could use thralls as defense against bigger clans now are screwed.
In the stream they said thralls still have a lot of health but not as much as they used to which is fine but 2k??? That’s a full combo with daggers and that thrall is dead.
So why would anyone take hours to level a thrall and have it die even faster now?
Nerf has gone to far


From what I understand this is to balance the new attibute system and the players becoming massively buffed.
There’s an ongoing thread about this already and as you can see Teimos can still have almost 8k HP with the proper perks and player attribute combo.
Also apparently the player will now be way stronger than the thralls so reliance on them will be somewhat potentially diminished? I kinda like that, I was never a fan of having the thralls doing all the heavy lifting


no thralls are actually fine. Spent almost all day on the test live. Thralls are fine.


Why do you say this?

Relic Hunter treasure seekers are getting 6k hp and 8k+ with 20 authority.

Without authority their damage is perfectly fine and with authority their dmg is insane. PvP doesn’t need thralls with 10k+ HP and neither does PvE.


So the thrall that takes the longest to level up will get 6k-8k if you are lucky and as long as you sacrifice attribute points. Any decent player can destroy that thrall on a few minutes and then it’ll take you hours to level another one. Pvp is fun because of all the the different dynamics. If someone wants to run around and have spear fights with no thralls then just stay on a private sever.

Teimos isn’t the go to thrall anymore and that’s a good thing. Having 40+ 12-20k hp thralls in your base wasn’t a good game design.

The multiplier is low but trust me lol the thralls still pump dmg. I tested them on all the bosses on Exile Lands. I could really tell no difference. With authority and without.

Sure base defending thralls are going to have 6k~ hp at most BUT there is a potion that you can use to reroll your thralls perks to get better perks.

And even if you have 100 6k hp thralls defending your base that’s still insane.


Go to… might as welll take him out at this point. Why not make all the thralls on pair with each other because that’s how you fight any sort of meta

You say that now but you were completely happy with every thrall being useless except teimos before…

As it currently stands on test live. Treasure Seeker, Berserker, Dalinsia and Volcano fighters are all relatively on par with each other. So you pretty much have what you wanted except teimos is in the bin which it should’ve been ages ago because a thrall being able to get 20k hp while the rest barely get 8k-10k is a joke.

People should be happy. Treasure seekers are far easier to tame in bulk and are now the best.

You also say PvP is fun because of all the “different dynamics” but thralls aren’t pvp. They’re not players. 16k hp npcs don’t belong in “PvP”


this is a testament to how strong thralls really are - my experience was similar. we nerfed them pretty hard, and you can hardly tell. will more thralls die? yeah, definitely. loss is mean to be a part of this game. we’ll offer a way for you to combat thrall loss in Chapter 2 - most likely.

have you hopped on TestLive Client to try an Authority build yet? i’ve done a few natural play-through’s using Authority and it feels solid to me still.


So they can defeat bosss. Can they help you while you are fighting outnumbered? No they will be focused down very fast. Can they help while defending? The AI was rough enough before so now you cut their health in half they stand no chance.
Might as well turn dbd on for at least some official severs because the offline raiding keeps becoming the easier option.
I honestly don’t understand the direction you guys are going for. Why are you continuing to make changes that help the raiders? The bay + slow fall will hurt the hurt the game. People being able to use other clans portals will hurt the game. It’s just not needed. Just come out and say you are getting rid of pvp or actually do something that will benefit it.

This is encouraging. During one of their posts or livestreams I remember them mentioning that you can either be the Hero of the story, a lone warrior - OR - a Leader and general so to speak via the Authority perk.

If that’s the case, no one really needed the other stats anyways since the thrall would do most of the fighting. I imagine with the full perk tree and good armor and weapons (although I hear Crom sword can no longer be used by them??), Thralls should still be viable in most situations.


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Hey den!

I also did some testing of thrall and pet damage to players. It seems very high might be worth having a look at it.

A greater sabretooth was hitting between 400-500 damage with his opener pounce attack. That seems to be quite a bit higher than current live servers.


Told you…pets man. Thats the way to pivot.

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Lol…yeah stuff like that was discussed in the live stream because some one wanted a pet demon spider. I joked as much as I could muster a verruca salt inference in the chat, “I want a dragon”. Not sure if @AndyB or @den saw that or not but I got a kick out of it.

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The greater sabre I was testing solo’d the red mother and only lost 800 hp.


Yes not good I think we should nerf them to dirt to. Because there is no in between it’s op or usless

Or maybe they are gearing up to activate the DBD and offlining is a think of the past.


It’s the only thing that makes sense because they have taken away most means of effective defense and haven’t balance-nerfed offense. By activating DBD, this would mean that the defensive nerfing isreasonable as you will be online when vulnerable.

I think thralls are in the right spot. If Funcom will revert this change, game will become boring again.