TestLive to Live, Call to Arms, Steam free weekend and Thursday stream - Quick FAQ / Q&A

There’s two patches being worked on right now. The one which went through some delays and the one you see on the Call to Arms right now.

When is the patch? What’s the free weekend?

Of course the most asked question is when the patches will release. After all these delays nothing is sure, but with the upcoming free weekend on Steam the developers hope to get - at least the first- patch ready for PC. As always, it will be pushed to consoles as soon as possible, but please keep in mind the patch may take some time to be certified. Stay tuned!

Is the new patch included?

When is the Call to Arms deadline?

The Call to Arms ended this morning, but submissions will be running till March 3 (if I’m correct, that’s including the ones on the forums).


Thursday’s stream

I have no inside information on what title they will be playing tomorrow, but it will be an Oslo title very likely, as that’s their schedule after all. I’m unsure if I’ll be moderating the Twitch chat at all as I have another activity to attend to.

What did I miss from last week’s stream?

You did not miss anything. Unfortunately, some employees became a victim of the local flu.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


It’s an informative thread, it’s not a thread to stress how many delays there were. Please note I know there were plenty of delays:

I’m not taking sides in this thread. I don’t want to pull up or drag down anyone’s expectations to much, but I’d (still) love to see this patch work out well, that’s why I ask people to “Stay tuned!”.

How often do they stream and what time is their stream?


They stream more often starting this year and have an Oslo published games’ stream on Thursdays, which is sometimes Conan Exiles, sometimes Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden etc.

The Thirsday stream takes place at

5pm CET / 11am ET / 8am PT

(CET = UTC+1 / GMT+1 aka Oslo time)

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Sweet As!

Steam Free to Play timed perfectly for the Victorian Long Weekend!!!

I’ve no doubt you planned especially for us :smile:

suscribe to the stream, and you will get the info when the stream is launched.

How long do we have to keep the 2 items in our inventory? I still play on TestLive PVP server.

Also, when do we find out who the winners of the drawing are?

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Anyone know what the outcome of the drawing was? Who won Conan’s Atlantean sword?

We’ll find out :soon:, but I think you can get those items out of your inventory by now :smile:

sure would be cool if you’d put more man hours into fixing the core aspects of the game that are broken (pathing, undermeshing/clipping etc) rather than wasting effort coordinating social media nonsense like community streams-- Those kinds of things are are for games that are finished in an acceptable state

@Tascha, could you answer this question possibly?

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