I can now kill bosses in my solo game!

I’m LOVING the new update. It was about time we could move the furniture around the house!

A small question: Did they fix the hit points for boss creatures in solo mode? I just found out that I now can actually kill boss creatures in my solo game, in a decent amount of time (and I don’t need to hit them 22.335.777.885.324 times). Was it a part of this latest fix? I couldn’t find it in the description, maybe it was part of a previous fix and I just hadn’t noticed.



Take a thrall army with you

I haven’t yet tried any bosses (except Rocknose king, but he doesn’t count because he’s a wimp) in solo mode, but higher tier Fighter thralls are beasts now so I might finally go and try to fight a boss with one and maybe not lose the fighter. My Cimmerian berserker in Epic heavy armor and a hardened steel mallet doesn’t need my help against rhinos, semi-giant snakes or similar non-trivial mobs.

Archer thralls are now trying to help too. I kept getting a lot of friendly fire while fighting a crowd of Relic Hunters next to my base. Maybe if I lured a bigger target to them so they could actually hit it and not me… Their damage output is still pitiful, though, so wouldn’t count on their assistance in a boss fight.

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A level 60 fighter thrall in epic armor, with a good 2h weapon is enough to make any world boss cower in fear now. Sometimes I wonder if they even want my help at all. I tend to hop in for the killing blows, but stay back with a good bow to help speed it up.

Sounds good. I mean, why would I hire help to do something if I could do it better myself? Always hire people who are more competent than you are, is what I say.

I guess I’ll go for a little walk with my newly trained assistant Purple Ranja, a former captain who came with high recommendations from her earlier employer, the Relic Hunters. (The name refers to the color of her clothing, as well as the fact that she had beaten me purple by the time I managed to convince her to join my expedition.)

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I don’t know how the bosses in the unnamed city stack up against older world bosses but I just let Spinas handle them. I carry a mace to throw on some sunder but he does pretty much all the work. I have a dragon kill circle with 4 thralls and they make short work of the red dragon and considering 2 or 3 often don’t engage I imagine a good thrall could drop anything

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