Upto how much lvl can i go?

I recently get to know the AOC and i liked the few hours spent on it. I want to know how much i can go as a F2P player?
Do i go all the way to lvl80?
or am i losing anything by not subscribing?

btw I am a PVE player and thanks in advance.

I like to play with pets
demonist and nacromancer which is good ?

Yes you can reach level 80 as F2P player, if you are not subscribed, the only thing you lose are Expertise Points per every normal level (so you have 79 of them on level 80 for your AA tree), it’s not such a big deal but nice to have since you can get the most important feats from that tree right from the start, other than that you don’t get the EXP bonus (30% if I remember correctly) and the bonus for relics from raids (50% more) but they are not that important since you are not level 80 yet.
Also, if you buy expansions you can acess them without having premium.
F2P players can only have 2 character slots unlocked whereas premium players got 10 or so but since it’s your first character it doesn’t really matter that much, it’s more important for people that already got 6 level 80 characters.

If you don’t mind a little more AA EXP (for the Expertise points and so on) and relic farming (from raids) on level 80 you can easily go without premium. Nowdays it’s really not that important anymore.

The only thing you really should consider buying is the expansion Rise of the Godslayer once you reach level 80 or are close to it, this expansion got most level 80 content out there and lots of great gear and so on.

For the class question: I guess Necromancer would be the best choice, they got several different pets that have a “big” impact while the Demonologist just get’s a small buff for using the pet, it also doesn’t do that much damage. Pets in AoC are overall not comparable with pets in other games.

thanks for the advice and i am rolling with nacromancer.

btw i got only one slot xD as F2P

One slot only? Seems like that was changed too, as far as I remember back then when the game went F2P you had 2 slots available.
Well, have fun leveling, once you reach level 80 you should look for a guild that can show you some raids, T1 - T3 (and later the other ones) and some dungeons (again, a lot of dungeons will require the expansion RotGS but it’s really cheap for the content it provides).
AoC really shines in group content, the dungeons got fun mechanics and fights, even though some of the raids were nerfed heavily in some ways.

  • accounts created before the membership revamp have 2 character slots for free + all those you bought + all the bonus ones awarder throughout the years. subscription unlocks 6 more slots.
  • accounts created after the membership revamp start with 1 character slot only + all the bought ones + all the bonus ones. subscription unlocks 7 more slots.