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Hello AoC community,

I wanted to give a try to this game since I am a huge fan of the Conan world, and I am really impressed about the quality of it! I know so far this game is not in the right water at the moment, but to be honest I don’t care, we will probably never have a game like this in future and I want to play it before it will be too late :smiley:

For this reason I need somebody help me to understand what are the main differences between F2P and Sub version of it, and in specific:

  1. How far I can go with the F2P version before I need to upgrade to the premium version?
  2. What does the premium version has and also does it include the Expansions like Rise of the Godslayer, Turan, etc?
  3. If the answer to the number 2 question is negative, is important to have the Expansions for the character progression or they are just additional optional content?


premium does not include extensions.
extensions are bought once and playable forever.
f2p can access all the game and extensions you own.

premium unlocks up to 7 extra charactr slots, the money cap (10 gold), some storage cap, 1 expertise point everytime you level up and enable training aa feats by time after level 20, bonus on tokens and xp, rewards depending on how long premium lasts, etc.

(edited to add some premium features i forgot)

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  1. You can go all the way to level cap (level 80) as a F2p player. You can even run some of the raids.
    Now just a note on that. While AoC only shows 2 types of accounts, F2p and Vip (Sub), there is a quasi-third type. You’re a F2p player, but have either gone Vip for a while and dropped back to F2p, or you’ve bought something in the store for real money. While there’s not a lot of benefits for this ‘middle ground’, there is one; Global Chat. F2p doesn’t have access to Global Chat and while alot of stuff on it is just plain garbage, being able to see it for Group calls is very useful at times.

Upgrading; When you hit level 80 and wish to keep playing, end game raiding etc… would be when you seriously need to look at subbing, if for nothing else the removal of the gold cap since most end game equipment costs more than 10g.

  1. You don’t get the Expansion (Godslayer) or any of the Adventure packs (Turan, Valheim, Dragonspine) with a sub, those are all B2p. But once you buy them you own them and can play in them no matter if you sub or not. Cappa hit the extra’s you get with a sub so I won’t bother.

  2. Is it important? I’m going to break this into 2 parts. The Adventure Packs, these will provide you with additional area’s to level / play in. While the game … ‘generally’ :slight_smile: has enough content to level to 80, you will have to repeat some of the areas (Noble District Villa’s come to mind) in your leveling process. Having the adventure packs gives you somewhere else to help you over humps.

The Expansion, if you plan on continuing to play after level 80 than Godslayer and a sub is almost required. Most Endgame equipment can be found in it (costing over 10g) and there are a number of end game raids. If you don’t plan on endgame raiding than you can probably skip Godslayer as it’s not really a ‘questing area’ like the rest of the game is.


Still he needs to get Godslayer because of AA’s

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Thank you very much for the explanation! I have some questions regarding the AA, are they essential to run some of Dungeons / Raid? I have read that you must reach level 20 to unlock the AA, but without Godslayer you can’t have access to this system. What happen if I can reach level 80 by keeping the f2p account? I will lose AA points?

Some dungeons and raids require certain AA abilities in order to complete the encounter.
As far as I know, the AA tree is free for all, even without the expansion.
You get very low AA EXP before level 80, most your points will be farmed after you hit 80 and start to do raids and dungeons.
If you have premium you gain one expertise point (thr AA tree is split into 3 sections, left side is gained my PvE, right side by PvP, center needs both points, expertise points can be spent anywhere) per normal level (meaning you would have 79 expertise points to get the most rewuired perks), while this is a really nice start at level 80 it is not required to play on level 80 (back in the old days even with premium you didn’t get these points for example). You can still easily get a full AA tree without ever having premium.

That said, during the first weeks on level 80 you don’t need these perks right away, if you tell the group that you dont have the perk they can often invite another person who has these perks and in some cases you can even avoid certain mechanics so you don’t need to use the perk at all.


Thanks for this clear answer! I was stuck on this description in case you became Premium " Buy AA Perks with Time " this is why I have asked such question.
But you have explained better how AA works, now I have cleared my mind!


You’re better off to sub at the beginning, so you will earn AA points and gain xp much faster. Once you’re at max level, you can let your sub lapse and continue on f2p. For some classes (DT with Void of Madness, for example), AAs are very important, so you want to get them as soon as you can, regardless of whether you play in expansion zones.

Note too that subscibers can train AAs after level 80, even when they are offline, whereas f2p players cannot. This makes a big difference in how fast they are acquired.

Also, f2p has a max gold cap of 10g, whereas a lot of gear you will want to buy (i.e. Khitai) is 12g minimum. You will need a sub to increase your gold cap if you want to buy any of that.

Anyway, you don’t need a full year’s sub either to level or buy gear… just get a one-month sub when/if needed.

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No, that’s no longer true and hasn’t been since June 2016 when the big F2p changes went into effect.

Everyone; Free, Sub, with Godslayer, without Godslayer, everyone can now get AA points. If you have a sub you get 1 whole AA point per level after lvl 20 and if you’re a Free player (or have a sub) you get little points every kill that will eventually add up to 1 whole AA point.

In additon everyone can get AA points (expertise points) via the Daily Login Bonus panel. Currently there’s 40 AA points available via this special panel. On the normal one I think you only get a total of 4? for from the whole panel.

Another way also via the daily login bonus and some loot drops are ‘aa point books’ that when used will give you ‘x’ number of little points to your Mastery point total.

If you open up your Alternate Advancement panel in game you’ll see how the AA perks are laid out and if you float over them it’ll say how many mastery (pve), expertise or prowess (pvp) points are needed for each perk. Also list is how much time it will take to train that perk without using any AA points. The one I noticed today said 547hours, now I don’t know if that’s high, low or normal as I’ve never used the training system. But that’s what was meant by ‘buy AA perks with time’.

I think it’s definitely worthwhile to get Khitai. Huuuge amount of extra content. Only 15 bucks too.

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