Bought Premium Membership but still f2p

Hello i payd premium membership and its booked from paypal but account still in free mode. Can someone help me? rgrds

is it still worth to pay membership on this game

Depends on what you want to do. Most negative thing is the gold cap.

@AndyB Take a look at it please.

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Lvl 1 to 80, probably not. After lvl 80 and playing in the Godslayer expansion - Yes when it comes time to turn in tokens to buy faction armor.

I would say otherwise : premium during leveling is nice because it gives you 79 expertise points and that’s enough to unlock your archetype’s AA useful for mechanics in Khitai, Unchained dungeons, etc. Without thse AAs, you will be a burden for the group because not able to do that task. The improvement regarding earn tokens is nice, but you can deal with it, everybody end up with too many tokens anyway !

Well any admin here that can help me. You need premium or u grind double as long :wink: