Expertise points on F2P account?


So I poured over the old forums and just like in game, am getting conflicting information (shocking I know).


Small group of friends and I came back to the game a few weeks back to check out Saga and see what has changed with the game. no one is getting any Expertise experience/points at all. We are all just over level 50 and none of us has purchased an expansion or had a subscription since the game went F2P many years ago.

Some have told us you must have Godslayer to get expertise points, others have said you need to have had a subscription since 8-10 months ago and others have said everyone gets expertise points after level 20 no matter what.

Now then…are they screwed out of those points for good? Would they have to subscribe to get all previous points and new ones?!? What the heck is going on with this attempt to bring new players in and old players back because information is so hard to get and it seems like brick walls are up in so many places for us to deal with…


If you are premium, you get 1 expertise point every time you level up.
Everyone should win mastery/prowess experience after you reach a specific level (don’t remember wich one).
If you are premium, you get a +30% to AA experience.
Premium member can passively train AA feats as time goes. the points needed for the feats are reduced by 1point every 18 hours.


So they are premium only?

if true, Funcom has made sure this game will never regain a lot of players as it places a massive wall between F2P players and subscribers…


you get more experience and extra points when you level up with a running subscription.


Ok, the issue still remains…none of us have gotten either Expertise experience OR points yet. I, am level 52, just a few ticks from 53. The other 4 of us are all around my level.


I recently checked (ie since Saga began), F2P accounts do not earn Mastery XP from kills.

I had believed that F2P did earn from kills; I had thought that this function was enabled when they changed the subscription/free-to-play model on 30June2016 … but a player ingame posted a reply from a petition ticket that they had opened on the matter that only premium does; and I checked for myself on one of my f2p characters - and indeed they do not earn from kills.

They can gain Mastery XP and expertise points from the daily login reward calendar items and from the challenge boxes.


Actually that is not true, we have been receiving MASTERY experience. Not EXPERTISE experience/points. Actually now that I am looking, zero Prowess exp also.

For example, I have 655,867 master EXP. 275,000 from the daily login rewards, I am on the 3rd row of rewards, only got the first reward in the row so far. That means I have earned almost 400,000 mastery exp via fighting/quests or whatever else gives it.


mastery comes from pve, prowess from pvp. and expertise are just points you can use on both side of the AA tree.
when you get 1.000.000 mastery, you win 3 mastery points + 1 expertise. when you get 1.000.000 prowess, you win 3 prowess points and 1 expertise.


How it works is you earn one million mastery experience points and then the game gives you three mastery points and one expertise point …it is these you can use on the Alternative advancement menu…and the mastery experience counter resets.
Ditto for prowness…one million prowness=gain 3 prowness points and one expertise point

So on Mastery side you will see there are two places …one is points, the other is experience x/1000000.


I see…information on all this is so damn hard to come by. A simple in game entry would have nullified the need for this thread and worry.

Thank you for that explaination Kwalya and Cappa.


I had checked the mastery exp gain on F2P from kills but not from quest hand ins.
When premium player kills an npc they get experience (levelling experience pre-level 80) and mastery experience points. When I checked recently the F2P character only got the experience points not mastery experience points


Premium member can also passively train AA feats as time goes. the points needed for the feats are reduced by 1point every 18 hours for the selected feat.


@Kwalya Well, while OMW through Field of the Dead to Eigolphian I just killed a level 46(I am 52) Lupine Hunter to make sure…I gained 168XP and 7 XP towards mastery advancement. I asked my 3 friends that are also on and they reported the same, some master xp while killing.

None of us has subscribed since the game has gone F2P, nor have we purchased anything from the shop, or bought expansions…yet. We are holding out for higher level to see just how much has changed, if at all and if we will stay a while.


Thanks for rechecking this, rather odd then that my F2P didn’t earn mastery exp when I killed something. I will go back and recheck again tonight. I don’t like posting incorrect information.

Edit: so I rechecked and yes they do gain Mastery xp from kills (as the others have said). I had forgotten about the level 20 requirement so perhaps I had checked on pre-lvl20 characters.


When the F2p setup changed in 2016 they did away with the requirement that you had to have Godslayer \ only have a sub to get access to the AA tree.

Everyone after lvl 20 can get mastery points for kills on non-grey NPC’s and everyone using the Daily Login Bonuses will get point books and full points as they come up on the bonuses.

Sub’s are the only one’s that get a FULL point each time they level up. For the rest of us we just have to keep killing stuff and adding to the number pool to get our FULL points.

In fact I just added my first 2 perks to my hotbar at lvl 47.


wait, people with a subscription get a point per level?!?


Yes, every time a toon on a subbed account levels it gets 1 expertise point. so at lvl 80 it has 79 AA expertise points. That is one of the things Funcom gives as bonus for being subbed.


This is the newest, most relevant update on membership.

Sorry for any confusion.


OMG are you serious?!?

So Funcom set this up so a person leveling with a subscription is going to have a MASSIVE amount of expertise points over F2P players…

Doesnt this make end game a massive issue?!?

How do F2P players fair when it comes to end game raids? Arent they passed up immediately for those that leveled with a subscription and have so many expertise points spent?!?

The answer will mean the difference between staying and just not bothering anymore. I am actually dumbfounded by the choices Funcom is making here.


It won’t make as much difference as you may think.

Yes, a subscriber will have 79 expertise points more than an F2P player when reaching level 80.
Those 79 points will be used up very quickly - to buy all of the AA feats you need much, much more than that. (I haven’t done the calculations, but probably thousands of points)

So yes, this does give subscribers an advantage over F2P players, but not all that massive of one.