How i get prowess on AA? And train using "time"?

Is my first time at max level. I already have cacodemon, but i only get mastery from doing quests . How i get prowess from alternative development. And there are a option to train next feat using “time” but it can be “marked”. How i train using time? Using the anniversary points, i got a cool cacodemon, but din’t understood the AA.


is exactly the thread you are looking for.

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They din’t awnsered my question. How i train over time?

As an example: I want to learn the feat Tainted Weapons. I need 25 Mastery points as well as 25 Prowess points however, I don’t do PvP stuff and wont get these points, therefore I can try to gain 25 Expertise points to replace the need of Prowess points for that feat.
On level 20 as a subscribed player you can also train AA talents over time, every few hours the points needed to learn will decrease, if you let the timer run out completely you basically learned to perk for free.

I need subscribe to train over time? I have expansions and 2 character slots, but never subscribed

Yes you need to sub

As stated training AAs over time is a premium feature.

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Thanks. How i mark “solved”? Honestly, i din’t liked the payment methods. Used steam to purchase more slots and expansions.

I do appreciate how old this thread is as such, but it did seem better to raise a further question here.

I understand that the ‘training over time’ requires a sub, but does a character have to be logged in each day to activate this feature?

I have returned to the game after many, many years and before AA was introduced and, have a number of 'old characters that do not have any AA points, so I am wondering how disadvantaged they will be, etc.

Many thanks.

To train an AA feat over time you need to activate the training.

Ingame press k, left bottom of the window you can choose “points” or “time”. Choose time, and now if you klick on a field it will start to train over time and you can see how many hours it will need. 1 point equals 18 (?) hours, so a feat that needs 4 points can be trained in 72 hours. Those hours will keep counting down if you are offline, too. To be most efficient you should keep track of the timers on your different toons. Most guilds have a guild bot where you can track your timers with, you only need to log into one toon to check your timers.
Or you do it old fashioned: Start timer, calculate when it will be ready, write down somewhere.

So no, you do not need to log on every day, just once a timer is done to start a new one. To be honest once you have essential AAs for your class everything else (dps on combos, casts or reduced casting time etc.) is just the icing on the cake.

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Thank you, all is now clear. :grinning:

Some but not to the point of being unplayable. You have to look at it on a scale; VIP’s will get the most AA points to customize their characters, extra attacks, beef up stat’s etc…, A F2p player will get less points but will still get some through playing and the daily login bonus. Won’t be able to customize as much, but still will be able. Now someone in your situation won’t be able to do any of that so it might keep you from filling some raid spots - say you’re a DT, most seem to want them to have VoM. You won’t and a F2p player might not either so they / you wouldn’t be able to fill a tank spot on a raid.

Me - I say Big Deal, just play and enjoy yourself.

As @Force explained in his info thread linked in one of my posts above, every archetype (and in some cases class) has a hand full of important AA feats, which are either needed to beat specific dungeons and raids or are a factor that shows if your cahracter will be a positiv addition to a raid from T3,5 on or a burden. The rest of the AAs is good - but not necccesary to be able to run those dungeons or raids (in which you earn lots and lots of points, btw).

Also, filling the AA tree is not costumization, it is just that: Filling it out following priorities you can hardly argue about, so everyone who wants to upgrade his character will follow the same path.