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ok so i notice if i pay for the membership it offers a feature were i get a bonus expertise point per level my question is is there anyway to get these points without paying becouse i dont want a gimp char also if i decide to get a pay membership will i need to restart my char just to get these points i know both questions are kinda the same

Hello xxxchristian69. F2P characters can also earn Expertise Points to go towards their Alternate Advancement, just not as rapidly as paid premium subscribers. Any current characters you have will not retroactively receive Alternate Advancement points. Please be sure to check out our premium subscription info page:

Premium info

Let us know if you have any other questions!

The main difference is that you will get 1 Expertise point per normal level (1 - 80) if you are subscribed. You can’t get this bonus without paying, it’s bound to the membership bonus.
But that does not mean you can’t get any Expertise points without paying, you will gain experience towards you AA tree (press K ingame to open it), once you reached enough AA EXP (by doing dungeons and so on, mainly happens on level 80) you will get 3 points on the left or right side (depends on whether you do PvE or PvP) and you will get 1 Expertise point.

If you already started a character and leveled up a few times and THEN subscribe you will start to gain Expertise points per level but you will NOT get the ones from the level you already did (for example: You got to level 40 as F2P player and then subscribe, you will not get 39 Expertise points, they are “gone” but you will get 1 Expertise point once you reach level 41 and all the levels afterwards).
Keep in mind that this is not such an unbelievable big deal to miss a few of these points out, once you start doing dungeons on level 80 you will get lots of them and unlock the most important feats really quick.

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