Returning Launch player quesiton about Premium and AA vs Free?

Hey guys i am returning from launch - 2011. Quesiton about free, premium and AA. I will eventually get the premium but my concern is outleveling content, i do want to enjoy the game on my first playthrough in a decade. I was definitely going to buy the premium account but missing so much leveling content by 30% xp increase isnt what i want. But i am concerned its really gimping my character by not getting all those AA points that come from the sub/premium account. Any advice on work around or what i should do. Thank you

you’ll get them in time once you hit, 80, questing in kithai, raiding, 6mans, Onslaught, etc.

As f2p player, you can’t train them with time and get less aa exp. also leveling without premium doesn’t give you AA.

Thanks, i wish i could pay for premium/sub but keep that base game leveling speed. Me being so far behind, might as well go ahead and sub so i can get AA.

Well the thing is that if you chose not to do the Premium route, you will indeed enjoy the game in a normal pace. But will not have the AA points to use. Now The thing is that when you start in Khitai (Rise of the Godslayer expac) The dungeons have 2 modes. Normal and hard mode.
Most Hard mode dungeons require you to have (depending on your class) certin archtype AA. ( that can remove boss buffs or remove debuffs from yourself/allies)


If you go Premium you will level faster, get AA that will allow you to do HM’s faster and get your faction gear faster (with the increase of tokens and faction stating), have more DPS/survivablitly/healing (cus of AA).
That way you’ll have it easier to join pug raids and not get flamed in RF or something (not confirmed :smiley: ) .
(also you can train your AA with time from lvl 20 onwards)
(+all the other premium bonuses, you can read those on the website)

If you don’t go Premium you’ll enjoy the leveling experience of classic AoC leveling at it’s finest :slight_smile:
You will not have the AA advantage but imo it’s not something that’s needed if you find a nice guild who 's members are willing to help/carry you through it all. (Note: you get AA points from the main quest line in Khitai too so you’ll still get somewhere just not as far as premium)

you can also buy AA points, lol

Thanks, yeah played Rise of Godslayer back in the day but it was only for a few months before i left the game. Only T3 was out and only the first 2 bosses in it had been completed when i left. I did a lot of the 6 man dungeons way back then with no AA but i am sure the game has changed a ton since then. This is my favorite MMO of all time. But the AA grind back then started feeling like a job lol. But man i miss the game, i know the population isnt high but i can still have some fun and enjoy the game. I have done Tortage and leveling many times so premium might be the way.

If you feel like you will “over-level” an area you can disable EXP gain in the settings. So you can keep the premium bonuses but if you feel like doing it, you can stop leveling and do more quests in an area.

Oh nice man, thanks for the input, its just not playing the game in almost a decade i want to enjoy it all over again leveling but dont want to miss the bonuses. Awesome news man

While a F2p player won’t get the full AA point each time he levels up, everyone get’s them via the Daily Login Bonuses so it’s not quite as bad as you think. In a 28 day period you’ll earn enough ‘kill points / little aa points’ that’ll add up to 1 full point and get 3 AA expertise points.

Also whenever Funcom does a special Daily Login Bonus ‘month’ you’ll get around 50 AA points in the first 2 week period.

I’ve got a totally F2p test account, my guy’s lvl 49 and is sitting on 197 AA experties points, and 6 Mastery points from killing stuff / point books from the daily login bonus plus however many I’ve actually used in the perks so maybe another 20 there.

My advice is not paying for subscription until you are 80. As I, you will enjoy much more vistas and group action, without all of those 30 % experience boosts and potions (all of which I deleted on my first character).

You certainly do not need any AAs for levelling dungeons or T1-T3, old-world-dungeon, and NM content.

I have been F2P for ages, and I do not miss the AA timer, as it looked like cheating: you progressed on your character by not doing anything.

I always want to level up Premium for the AA points. They make for a major boost in post level 80 content. The ability to turn xp off in the settings is a good option if you really want to do all quest content on one character.

When I used to level characters up, that wasn’t an option, and so there would be quests or even zones I didn’t really touch. Then when running a different character, I would do the content I didn’t do last time.