Is it possible to reset points spent in the Alternate Advancement system?

Back in the day (before the expansion) I played some AOC but this was before the Rise of the Godslayer came out. The Alternate Advancement system is new to me. Once reaching level 20 this system was opened for me to use. Sadly I’ve managed to click on the AA window by mistake while reading the in game tutorial and its used up some of the points I had. Is there anyway I can reset the AA tree? I’ve read a few guides but found nothing related to resetting it. Or will I end up spending a lot of points anyway?

Is there an NPC somewhere who will allow me to do this for a fee?

Thanks :+1:

It is not possible to reset the AA points, because in the end you will have filled up the whole tree anyway.

For new characters who accidently spend points that can be bad, because it can slow down your progression to reach mandatory feats for your class as early as possible. But is actually not that bad, you will get the points you need eventually, and are not missing out on anything.

I get you are a subscriber, and you get 1 point per level. Read up, or ask around which AAs are important (for group play and raids) for your class. If you plan to play solo, just go for everything that sounds like damage.


Thanks for the reply and advice Kantakwa.

I’m in the process of levelling up a Ranger - just reached level 20. Being a casual MMO player I mostly enjoy solo content. That being said, I also enjoy the odd dungeon/raid which keeps me on my toes and helps with learning the class a letter better.

Sometime soon I might look for a guild to join. I’ve taken out a subscription because the perks looks good and it supports the game.

Its a shame the AA has no reset option. I guess there’s nothing I can do about it. I will be more careful when it comes to clicking in the future! :laughing::laughing:

Even just a confirmation system would be nice, that 1 click things a killer! :slight_smile:


Oh yes I agree. That would be a nice little extra option to have! :game_die:

Force posted a very helpfull thread for newbies - don’t get scared because it is massive, it is well structured, and you will find many usefull information for your class, and for the game itself.

Even if it is too much information right now, you will know where to look for answers that will come up when you progress in the game.

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Thanks! I’ve booked the thread and will have a read through. :+1: