Questions re: Free Account

I’ve subscribed to AOC since 2014 and have played the game on and off since that time. I purchased 12-month subscriptions (5 times since I began playing) during this period as these year-long subs had always included additional perks such as mounts, pets, and other goodies.

This year there was no such offer, so I’m considering suspending my Premium sub for awhile as I play other games and do other things (I will come back later).

So, what happens? Will I be able to get access to all of the Gold I have accumulated once I re-sub? What is the Gold limit for free accounts? Once I lose the 7 Premium character slots, will AOC only allow access to my highest level characters for those slots I will still have unlocked?

FYI, I will log in briefly every day for the Daily freebie on my main or secondary character and also run the World Boss once a month just for the WB token (I still don’t have all of the WB pets).

10 gold cap once u are f2p, rest of your gold will be stored, and you gain access to it once you resub again. When you F2p, you will have “x” amount of keys to unlock your chosen characters.

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Can I still accumulate Gold above the 10 GP cap as a f2p, which then goes into storage, or will any new Gold just not be bankable?

What you’ll see on your inventory page for the money area will be 2 rows. The top row is the 10 gold limit area and that’s what you can spend. The 2nd row is the overflow area and if you let the top row max out at 10gold, anything you make beyond that will go into overflow.

While I’m sure there’s some top limit to the overflow; just like a guild bank, it’s probably 999 gold.

When you first log in ALL your character slots will be locked and you’ll have to unlock the one’s you want to play, which will either be 3 or 5 slots, not sure which, unless you’ve purchased with cash extra slots.

They haven’t had a sub ‘special’ for a while now. What they do have is loyalty rewards you get for the time your sub is running; 1 month, 3 months etc…

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New Loyalty Rewards are nowhere to be seen and haven’t been for quite some time. That is another reason I’m temporarily suspending my subscription.

Is the 10 GP cap for f2p accounts per character or is it cumulative account-wide? As I’m sure is true of almost everyone, I have Gold scattered among my various characters with my main possessing almost 200 GP.

Per character.

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Thank you, everyone. I appreciate your responses to my queries. Now if Funcom would just offer something worthwhile with its regular 12-month AOC sub, I would renew before my subscription expires this month. :slight_smile:

… and if it won’t happen (which is very likely the case :slight_smile: ) don’t forget the preparations.
Pick the characters you plan to access while you are free, as Nebless said you will need to “unlock” them after the subscription expires. The gold is scattered already, so you only need to take care of their bank.
Only the top two rows will be available, so reorganise your bank accordingly: rarely used items, cosmetics and such, move them onto the lower slots.
You also will lose some personal inventory slots, but with a big enough bag it usually is not a problem.

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