Returning Player, why should I sub to AoC?

I love this game. I recently started leveling a new character after a long break from the game. Why is there so little communicaton with the playerbase from Funcom? I would gladly sub to the game again and support Funcom, but why should I if my money doesnt go back into the game? Why should I pay a monthly sub to fund a company that will use this money on other projects? There are so much Funcom could do with little resourses with this game. I am not asking for huge updates like we used to have back in the day, but if I knew Funcom had any plans for the game at all, even minor ones I would gladly sub again. I find that hard knowing that there is no plans going forward and absolutly no comunication between Funcom and the players.

You’ve already answered your own question.

I honestly do not recommend giving Funcom money in general for any of their games.

I also don’t want to pay them anything when they treat players without respect and without interest.
But their mad f2p system limits me in everything. I can’t buy anything in the game due to the absurd limit of 10g

I don’t see sub as crucial to the game. Not with the terrible constant problems with billing and support.

I think it’s a good investment to get the xpacks, sometimes available on Steam for deep discount.

You can find a guildmate or trustworthy person to buy unbound gear above 10g. I remember talk when the gold cap was 2 g for FTP.

I would sub if I felt I could do so without a hassle, or if you could buy a sub with funcom points from the store. Truthfully, I haven’t bought funcom points in a while, I assume that still works ok, but not sure.

I’ll play until the lights go out, but I also have other games that occupy my time.

Do you guys use PayPal or credit card to buy subs/points?
I just returned and read about the many problems with billing.

I bought 2 subs and lots of points with a credit card payment and it all worked fine.

I use paypal and don’t have issues as long as I delete previous payment option and create a new one for each payment.

do not give this company another ruble

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Do not sub to this game, do not give this company any of your money. If you are enjoying the game enough and the gold cap is a blocker, hoard all your relics, sub for one month (pray to set you don’t get payment problems like so many other people) and get all your gear in one swoop.

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