Cant even buy a sub anymore. WAKE UP FUNCOM

seriously Funcom. I have played this game for 11 years. I took a break and now I wanted to buy a sub, you got the money buy my account is still F2P.

What happened to this company. The are so arrogant and respectless to their longtime players and community I cant belive it.
This game is so mismanaged that I think they just want everyone of us tol quit playing this game so that they can just shut it down. The forums and steam is full of players complaining about payment system and account system. Community managers do nothing. They dont bother to answer anything anymore. Im so frustrated with this company. I have played all of their games and for thousands of hours, but somehow they only get worse?? How is that possible??

Im so angry cant even bother to edit for spelling errors.


What is so annoying to me is how they have made the game so much worse. The gameloop is completly broken. Onslaught and raidfinder has made 95% of the games content irrelevant. They certainly doesnt play their own game thats for sure.
Just by makeing small adjustments to the loottables and made some adjusments to crafting, made new recipies, made hardmodes of the old world dungeons. They could make this game fun to play even without maing new content. They are so arrogant and have such a “we know whats best” attitude that its impossible to comunicate with them.
A few devs for 1 month and you could make this game work again even without adding something new.

This used to be a great MMO. These days its a lobby game where a few players stand in OT and quene for onslaught and Raidfinder. Its such a shame. It makes me so sad what Funcom have done to this game

I feel like they are saying this to me : " Thanx for your money, and thanx for beeing stupid enough to play our broken old game we dont care about"

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What is your toon name on fury?

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yeah. this game was made for PvP. Somehow Funcom forgot about that. They always do this, change the game because som random on the forums is complaining about something and they dont stay true to their vision. They did the same with Conan Exiles. They annonenced it as a hardcore pvp sandbox survival game and then they changed it to some causual PvE building game. Conan Exiles used to be a good game, now its not even a survival game anymore. Its way too easy. They listen to the wrong feedback so many times. They ruin their own games. Its really unbeliveble.

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We must siam fc in twitter to have their response

Personally I play AoC for the RP and crafting system. Can we PLEASE get a nice crafting revamp along with more skimpy RP clothes?

@OP Just to verify you are using the link at:

To access your account management yes? This is the ONLY one that will accept payment like PayPal, the old account management page is still accessible but the PAYMENT WILL NOT PROCESS.

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You play this game for the crafting system? I dont understand. The crafting system in this game is horrible. Its been neglected for years and isnt relevant anymore at all. Its the worst aspect of the game. Its easy to fix it though, they should just add new recipies and make the crafting relevant at endgame. Funcom doesnt care whatsoever about this game anymore. There is so much they could have done with little to no effort.
It makes me so sad and frustrated.

This is a great post. I agree with almost everything. unfortunately no one from Funcom will ever read it.

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