Game still 15 dollars a month?

How is it possible you guys are still charging so much for this game? I cant even try the new // old server without having an extremely overpriced paid account?

I just don’t get it.

This game should be 5 bucks a month maybe 9.99 at most. IMO it is unethical what you are charging and how you place a reduced function server behind such a high paywall. Shame on you people.


agreed :slight_smile: my friend code ran out :slight_smile: goodbye ao, maybe if you lower sub cost I would consider subscribing :slight_smile: inb4 funcom shills

This topic has been discussed for years… we have to accept the fact that Funcom won’t ever change this.

or we have to keep bringing it up until they do.

We used to pay subs for what froobs get for free today on regular server…don’t want to pay? Go back to other server for free? Alot of us don’t mind paying to get the experience we had way back when… lots of teams and lots of helpful people.

It’s literally 50 cents a day…for one month and cheaper if you buy longer sub.

Edit: forgot to say, and I don’t mean to sound condescending, but if you can’t afford that amount, maybe just play froob.

It’s fine to debate/inquire about the subscription cost, but don’t bring shame into it, thats being silly.


Funcom offers:

  • an extremely generous endless free trial via the FROOB offer.
  • a way to pay your subscription using in game credits via GRACE KEYS.
  • and reduced subscription cost(<$8) for longer subscriptions + bonus items/funcom points.

If you cannot afford $15 a month and/or thats a lot of money to you, you should not be worrying about playing video games and most definitely not trying to “shame” a company for wanting to make a profit.

also: - go make $15.

people complaining about 15 bucks a month is just luaghable^^

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Yes, $15 or €17 can mean much to someone. For example here in Hungary most of us are happy that we can make it to the end of the month.
From the other side: Yes, $15 ( which is almost €20 in Europe) is a lot for an old game like this, when people can play for ex.Wow for a lower price. And don’t tell me to go play froob/other games, I played as froob for years, and played a lot of other new games which were fantastic and cost less than AO.
(Also, I hate when people say "it’s only X cents for a day… you can surely afford it! Yes, it might be X cents for a day, but you pay €100 total, which doesn’t seem so friendly anymore…)
Also, I’m not saying is should be free ofc… but It could get lowered to $5-$8, and/ or make extra cash from microtransactions.
But since FC declared they won’t ever make any updates to the game, it’s just useless to debate this. They will milk money from the new server, then when people get bored of it they will shut down the servers… Atleast, that’s my theory.

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No, please don’t reduce the price, otherwise I would have to go paid, which would be a completely new game for me. Very frightening.

Its the principle… but then some people will justify anything their team or favorite company does.

This game should be 9.99 MAX

Anyone with a different opinion is well… a bootay smoocher.


Since some AO content is available for free, the complaints about the cost for subscribing are irrelevant.

The fact that some of us are paying for the opportunity to play as froobs, is… ironic.

I agree with you on that point.

I am paying Funcom for AO as a declaration that I want it to survive.

To be honest, I view RK2019 as a charity event to help keep AO alive. What took me completely by surprise is how much fun it is to play with other AO players compared to the other server.

you should not do this. Bad capitalist. Bad


capitalism = good, without it, luxuries like video games wouldn’t exist.

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you misunderstand

but I’m not gonna tell you what it is you misunderstand
cause it should be obvious
but I guess not
oh well

Which I interpret to mean you are unable to explain it.

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Tetris was developed in the Soviet union…
Your point is moot.

Not really, if adults can’t afford a $15/mo subscription fee.

Less than 10 a month if you buy in bulk! The time debating on here could have been spent selling lemonade which would have paid for it already!