Question about AO in 2020 Funcom

Before you delete my post again, at least have the decency to respond to people that played this game for over 10 years.

  • Why is the subscription fee so cheap?

The game is at its prime!
You fixed the major flaws and bugs, balanced the professions, banned the hackers and managed multiboxers!
You even split the population on 2 servers to avoid queues, it wasn’t an empty promise to get money from people that love this game, it was because the population was too high.
I know how cheap your servers are (obrigado Rui Casais) and with that wonderful team eager to actively develop this game and keep pushing these wonderful patches and expansions you should charge more.

Thank you for all the love, respect and consideration you have for the community!

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The sarcasm is strong with this one

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