AO subscription cost is a joke

12.99 EUR/month: World of Warcraft
13.25 EUR/month: Star Wars - The old Republic
13.95 EUR/month: EVE Online

17.19 EUR/month: Anarchy Online

note: All prices are for 30 days payment plans


There’s already six threads harping on and on and on and on and on about the sub fee. Buy a twelve month sub.

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No ty


Check out this one-note piano.



Agreed, it’s atrociously high.
Everything is done with minimum effort to save money, while customers are milked dry with prices that are among highest in any MMO’s. On top of that they keep adding more and more powerful items to cash shop to increase incentive to spend more money.

At least froobs are still being able to play on old server, I’m guessing they generate enough revenue through cash shop and enough of them subscribe to make it profitable.
On a new server, knowing that their toons will be deleted in a year, people might want to make froobs instead of paid characters so decision to have it paid-only makes sense to avoid people making froobs instead of paying 17 euros for a monthly subscription.

I get that money has to be made but they are going too far with it. Sub cost should be reduced, especially when considering that game is in such a stagnant state and everything that needs to be doing is ignored or done with minimal effort.

Yet thousands of people are still paying it, because they find it worth it. People act like they understand the business model better than FC and that lower subs would bring in more players. This is not necessarily the case, and so it comes down to the old ‘if you don’t like it, don’t play’.

they most likely wont be and you shouldnt state so as fact when no one knows. they’ll likely be merged to the live server with all their exclusive rk2019 server loot.

FAQ that was posted states that planned runtime for server is 1 year and there is not going to be a merge or character transfer.

Of course any of that might change if server is popular enough after the initial rush and stays profitable enough but hoping for permanent server or account merges at this stage is just wishful thinking.

Conspiracy theorist :laughing:

So… wouldn’t lowering it to a more decent price like 9.99E or something bring more players to the table and the new server flourish? Maybe they are afraid they won’t get enough new players…

could you please link this FAQ you are talking about? I can’t find it anywhere on the forum? thank you!

I don’t think Funcom can afford shills. He does it for free.:joy:

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The current plan is to run the server for 12 months - however, if near the end we see the community wants to keep it going, that is an option we are not taking off the table.

Considering how often Funcom listened to its community in the last 15 years, it’s a safe bet they’ll kill it.

And then replace it with RK2020.

while you cry about the price, i am crying about not even having the POSSIBILITY to pay. at this point i would even PAY MORE than they ask, if they would just finally give me a METHOD to pay through.

ya know it was 12.99 when ao launched…in 18 years its gone up 2 whole bucks!! get a job, quit being cheap, pay for your games or find a new hobby…sheesh

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I just want them to give us back the items that were taken that would a start. Funcom is a Dirty company and I wonder why they haven’t been sued at least once for their practices especially under the EU laws.

Get over it and go and play something else


yeah that’s what most end up doing, sadly

Just paid almost $20 aud using paypal. not going to happen again lol