Full Free to Play

AO is a 17 year old game that is no longer being supported by developers.

Dont you think it’s time to go full free to play yet?

dont you think having both a monthly subscription (one of the highest monthly subs in the market even) AND an in-game microtransaction shop is a little exploitative of your faithful playerbase who supported you through thick and thin, when you arent even updating the game anymore?

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They still have to pay to keep the lights on.

BTW, have you ever even run a server?


They could do that with a different F2P model. Look at warframe or POE F2P models. They could easily do that with AO because the game has a cash shop. They just don’t want to put in the work. Which is stupid because they would make more money.

They still need to keep the lights on and pay employees.

It’s 50 cents per day. If a person can’t pay afford that, then maybe they shouldn’t be playing games and be working a second job.

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Nice necro slowpoke.

This seems to be the least wrong thread for my inquiry. I’ve been playing AO for a bit back in 2008, and then went all in on TSW when it released in 2012. Recently, though, I checked my account page for TSW and noticed new icons under “Your products” section. They listed all AO add-ons that AFAIK are not included in froob version of AO - from Shadowlands to Legacy of Xan. Switching to AO account section didn’t give any clarity - “Your Products” section there usually listed AO and Notum Wars, but was now empty, “Special Offers and Upgrades” section also only had sub options.
Was there some give-away for these addons that I accidentally qualified for? Payment list doesn’t have anything suspicious.

Currently if u buy gametime in AO u automatically have all expansions.

That’s not what @LexXxich is talking about. It’s about showing AO expansions under a TSW account :

The last six icons in the bottom row are all AO items, despite the “TSW” icon.

Exactly. And I never bought any gametime for AO. And nobody else did on my account, since payment list doesn’t show any such purchase. And my account type says “free”.
Incidentally, how do I check if I actually have access to those expansions in-game? Last time I logged-on my strongest character was at about lvl 30.

I’d just log in and see if you can enter Jobe.

Or try open your perks window :blush:

even betterer!

this is a fallacy
fc would like you to believe they are stuggling and need your money
the fact is they don’t need your money, they just want it.

Tried it out and both do not work, I can’t use whompahs to Jobe, nor can I access a perk window.
Meaning that thing with expansions in wrong places is merely a display issue.

100% agree, consider they havent fix old bug from release etc. etc.