Can you please make The Secret World free 2 play?

I want to play TSW again and have friends that would join me in that journey, but we don’t want to play inferior Legends, we want to play OG TSW.
Why you don’t make it F2P already? I know that there’s some retail codes floating around that you can get and activate account, but still you need to spend money on DLCs.
So please make it F2P already.

Very unlikely.

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You’d probably have an easier time trying to convince Funcom to start selling keys again, and even that is a long shot.

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Keys aren’t the problem. You can still get them (or at least could like half a year ago), the problem is all DLCs that you need to get for full price. And while the game is in maintenance mode it’'s not really worth.

Isn’t it? You get the same content regardless of whether the game is in active development or not. As someone who paid for all of the content back in the day, I’d say it’s worth paying for.

If you want free-to-play, there’s Legends. :wink:


I paid for all DLCs, then also got a collector’s edition which included the DLCs when it was available (pre-relaunch) to gift to a friend, and also bought a physical copy for my bookshelf. It’s worth it if that’s what you want to play.


I would argue it’s a little different paying for group content that is readily available to play at a moment’s notice in an active mmo and paying for content in a game with <100 players where you have to put effort into organizing groups. I don’t know what the situation with players is in TSW but it can’t be better than in SWL.

I will say that if they would make TSW f2p I and likely other people would try it out, I just really don’t see why they would bother. I personally don’t think gameplay aspects or either game are necessarily their forte

I would argue that Funcom wouldn’t benefit from making TSW free-to-play. That the legacy game is still playable at all is a concession to veteran players. That you can still buy new-old-stock game keys is a fluke at best.