New Player's question, its worth it?

Hello fellows,
i saw some videos about this game and I like what i watched.
I’m thinking start playing…
Do you guys recommend? it’s worth?
Pros? cons?
beggining tips?

Thanks for the atention, and sorry if I posted in wrong section.

Worth for what? It’s free. You can come and go whenever you feel like.

Story and world.

The massive grinding if you want to be overgeared. (But, you can almost just ignore the whole thing or do it lightly. The story mostly does not require it.)

So…basically you can just play it as a single player RPG till you feel like to do group contents(which is again totally unnecessary)

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There are a wealth of guides for starting out here: Consolidated list of Gameplay Guides

As for worth it? It’s free to play, and the story is very good. As long as you’re just interested in playing through the missions, there won’t be much that wants paid for though as a free to play game, paying will make things easier. No story is locked behind money, though.


Is it worth what? Time? Money?

It may well be worth your time if Lovecraftian horror is your thing and you can look past the mediocre gameplay. (Which shouldn’t be that hard, given how many MMOs are different shades of mediocre.)

Money? No, I can’t say it is. Funcom utterly refuse to publicly address issues with how customer-unfriendly some aspects of their monetization are. Such an attitude should not be rewarded.

Yeah, it is most definitely worth giving a try. It won’t be quite like any MMO you have played before, mostly consider it a single player, story driven RPG where your friends can drop by from time to time for a Dungeon or Raid.
The story is fantastic, the combat is O.K., movement is meh, stealth doesn’t exist, and jumping is an abomination in the eyes of all that is holy.
There is nothing that you NEED to buy, although a subscription for a month or so right out of the gate is nice. It smooths things out at the point at which they need the most smoothing for a price that isn’t too bad.

One little note: in keeping with the Single Player vibe, they keep the number of players in each instance artificially low in order to create more of a post apocalyptic survivor vibe. Many people find it initially off-putting and assume it means that the servers are actually empty when they are not.

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If it’s the single player story you’re interested in, I would recommend you have a rummage through the bargain bins in your local Gamestop for a copy of the original TSW. It probably won’t cost you must and it’s a far superior game to Legends. There is more group content there too, and if you ask in chat, I’m sure people would be happy to join up with you for a dungeon run or two.

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Come on, that’s terrible advice. You’d only get the base game’s worth of content. You’d be paying extra for stuff you can get for free in SWL.

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Stuff like Fusang, El Dorado, Stonehenge, all ten elite and nightmare mode dungeons. Beside that, the story structure is better in TSW (who thought putting the issue 6 missions into the main story and creating a huge continuity error was a good idea?) and there’s none of that awful lockbox rubbish either.

Before you mention it, the agent system and South Africa missions don’t even come close to making up for all that was lost in SWL.

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PvP is dead in TSW except for the rare organized events, so are dungeons.

But you’d be paying for all of the issues if you wanted to experience all of the story content that is free in SWL. There’s not even anything to do in Kaidan for someone who doesn’t purchase those issues in TSW.

Perhaps you forgot that story content in TSW had to be paid for… and still has.

Can a new TSW account even be made?

Yes. If you can find someone who can sell you a non-Steam retail key.

That is a valid point, and it’s been so long that I had forgotten. Given the option though, I would rather spend money on the original game and issues than waste it on the ftp model and their endless lockboxes.

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You can also buy the boxed version, if you’re lucky enough to find one, and create an account using the game key within. Which is what I suggested above. :slight_smile:

You don’t have to spend any money on SWL if you don’t want to. All of the story content is free for you to peruse at your leisure. There’s no grind involved if all you want to experience is the story. And there’s $80+ worth of extra story in SWL that you’d have to buy individually in TSW.


Ah, that’s interesting.

As far as my own opinion goes, I do not think it is worth trying to track down a copy of TSW to play over playing SWL. The amount of money you would spend to experience all the content that has been made available to play free of charge in SWL is not insignificant, and while you don’t have to pay anything to play it, if you put the equivalent amount into your SWL account instead you would be getting all that story plus whatever boosts and cosmetics.

While Funcom has not solved EVERY complaint people have had about the relaunch, they have consistently listened to feedback from the community and implemented changes based on it.


I’m not convinced. I’ve played SWL for the best part of a year, and I believe if I hadn’t carried over my Grandmaster account from the old game, I wouldn’t have stuck around for that long, having gotten completely burned out for the grinding I would have had to do, just to get my gear high enough to stay alive.

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Start as Shotgun/Hammer, switch to Hammer/Shotgun “soonish”, then play the story and quit. Mission accomplished.

On the other hand, the game has become so pointlessly easy, I probably still would have sleepwalked my way through it.

Pros: Well, most of them are being said already. That being said, I personally think people are a little harsh with the comparisons to the old game.
Cons: There’s an old game that people like to bring up as superior that you can’t play any more if you’re new. (Unless you want to jump through some serious hoops.). It’s kind of a pity that option isn’t available for new players, but is not as big of a loss as some people might say. The new game is honestly not that bad and some aspects (Like the combat) are actually better if you ask me. Not to mention we actually got farther in the story which, as already pointed out, is the main draw.

My biggest advice is: check things out for yourself while taking the opinions of others with a grain of salt (Including mine. I can be terrible at gauging what is fun for someone). That way you can give it more of a fair shake.

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This right here. What is good and not good is different for each individual. As pointed out there was an older version of the game, and a lot of players from that game are still unhappy it was relaunched into SWL. That is of cause completely fair and up to them, but not very important to what you are asking, as it is closed for any new players, and not being updated on.

SWL have an amazing story telling with a quality you will be hard pressed to find in any other mmo out there. Most main mission come with their own Cutscenes and Voice Overs, just to make it even better. The lore is extremely deep, and is heavily inspired by known and less known myth and legends. The story is the strongest part of SWL, and imo worth it any day. If you value a good story, I highly recommend going slow and enjoying every aspect, from reading lore to just observing the mobs and environment. The worst you can do is rush to the end =).

The combat simulates reticle combat, but with a mild form of lock target. With this i mean that there is some moving space once locked onto a target. Getting a bit off target won’t make you lose it right away. The drawback to this, is that retargeting can seem a little sloppy at times. Targeting aside, moving around in combat is also a big part of it, plenty of attacks that you can actively avoid.

When you start the game you pick a class, but don’t be fooled by that name. SWL doesn’t have any classes, instead it uses weapon combinations, some of which are available at the start and called classes. Eventually you will know every ability of every weapon in the game, so never any need to reroll or something of the sorts.

Starting out you also go through lvls 1-50, but this again is not as strong as in other games. It is primarily there as a guiding hand in the beginning, and to prevent you from being screwed too bad by a bad choice in build.

Once you hit 50, which is fast, you switch to watching out for Item Power, so purely dependent on your gear. This is also where End Game open up. Dungeons, Raids, Scenarioes. If you are just the story type, you don’t have to worries about these. If you like group content, then you will work your gear through Elite levels, for harder versions of the Instances, and better gear.

PvP has limited presence right now in the form of a 10vs10 quick fight, with completely randomized teams. Sadly it is hard to get to pop, unless people organize themselves, Something the community can be good at.

The Community isn’t quite the game, but then they kinda are. There is quite a nice RP community if that is something you like to do, or wanna try. A good number of players also arrange other types of Events, like Shambala PvP and Artistic Contests.

I’m sure i forgot lots, but i hope this gives you a small idea of what to expect, and i hope you give it a try to form your own opinion =P.