I am a new player

Hi all! I am wondering, is it worth getting into anarchy online in 2022 considering the state of the game? Maybe a sub?

Welcome to Anarchy Online!

It is for sure a game worth trying out and it’s a very unique experience that leaves room to enjoy most levels of the game and not just the endgame.

The biggest problems the game is facing these days is lack of levling population and an exploited currency market. The problem with the currency goes both ways, it makes it super easy to get credits from selling stuff while it pretty much makes credits useless. It will for sure make it easier for a newer player to get some funds and gear :slight_smile:

The bigger problem is the lack of a levling population, you will often see LFT being empty and you will often not have a team to level with, so it will take making some friends and some patience while you level. The game isnt that hard to progress in solo if you know where to go.

Late game has plenty of people playing and there are raid bots around doing content as well, if you have patience and don’t mind exploring then the game is absolutely something to try out :slight_smile:

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Try the free version of the game first, get accustomed to the daily missions system, experience the first major RK dungeons (Subway, Temple of Three Winds, Foreman’s Biomare), learn about how the skills and IP systems work, then decide if you want to subscribe.

You won’t be running out of things to do even as a fr00b player, but with a subscription comes another world of content (the Shadowlands) allowing you to progress your character(s) to the “real” endgame.

As you said, friends or orgbuddies bring alot to the table.

You should find plenty of players in public instances and plenty friendly folk.

Me personally, i enjoy solo open world but some challenges simply need a strong helping hand, it is an MMO afterall.

There are some huge orgs out there.
Athen Paladins on the clan side and Weiland Yutani for omni.

Not sure about Weilands requirements, but Athen Paladins require you to be friendly and dont ask you to be a certain level or ask for attendances at events - its welcome ofcourse but not mandatory.

AO is very much a game where people enhance the experience - for me at least.

Youre welcome to message me ingame if you see me on (type /cc addbuddy mimicane ingame amd you’ll add me) and we can spend some time.

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