Worth getting back in?

Hey, played anarchy a long long time ago.
I was wondering if the game is still worth investing time into, most of my activities revolved arround tl7 tower battles open world pvp and battle stations and some organization raiding.

I dont enjoy small scale pve or doing content with 2 ppl while it was originally intended for large groups.

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If pvp is your thing then no, there is rampant multiboxing and “use of unintended features” going on at the moment with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

hmm ok guess ill leave it to the past then :face_holding_back_tears:

There are still large raids with public raid bots though, if that’s something you’d enjoy. Smaller raids with a single team do happen, but not exclusively. I’d have to agree on the pvp part though, that part of the game is no longer enjoyable due to widespread cheating.

Well if you want rely on Grace to play, the price is up (for the moment it keeps increasing) to 270B (10 buy order atm).
Yea for 1 month ingame.
Even ppl stopped farm subway/nodrop because it’s not worth it.

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The game is broken, boring and not enjoyable by any means due to cheating, duping and multiboxing.

There is barely enough people to run raids and there is almost zero support from Funcom.

Hope this helps you.



Duels and bs pvp are the only types of pvp that are not infested with stackers/multiboxers.

Forget tower pvp and city pvp. Not a day goes by without there being boxes killing lone non cheating players. Recently theres been a lot more people stacking in city/tower pvp too ><


My videos will be deleted soon, so make sure u save them fast.

You don’t also show all the times your friends were hidden in walls before these recordings, wonder why that is… oh right narrative of a clown. It’s funny that you’ve posted videos of yourself sync mbing though, being the only way to sync mb is to also cheat Scrumm. Crying because someone does it better… pathetic.