Thinking of coming back!

Is the multi client cheating still an issue in anarchy online?? Thats a major thing that ruined the game for myself personally. Literally everything became soloable by one person multi logged on 6+ toons. Tower wars = 1 person followed by 5 toons instantly 1 shot u because they are all synchronized to attack at once to blow you up. Definitely broke the game. Think people were doing S42 even with it…

Anyways this was by far always my favorite MMORPG but that multi client syncing crap ruined the game for me :frowning: hope they fixed it!!!

Unfortunately there is still a frequent issue with people multiboxing/multi-logging to afk or solo parts of the game. However I would strongly encourage you not to see this as a deterrent to coming back. The only way we can get people to start cooperating again (And they already are) is through people actively playing with each other. There are raid bots that are frequently used for regular scheduled raids as well as impromptu get togethers and the semi-official discord can help you find a group to play with through their #looking-for-team channel.

I haven’t run into a multiboxer in battlestation at 220 for a while and I’ve been able to participate in several raids so don’t feel like the end-game content is locked off by the people exploiting the system. It’s not. You just have to be active and involved.

I hope this helps you make a decision either way. I’d love to welcome you back.


I frequently go to tara where there’s pvp between ~2-4 teams on each side pretty much every day.
Multiboxing in pvp is rare these days since both /follow and /assist macros have been disabled in 5-25% gas. You’d need a much more sofisticated (and possibly ban-worthy?) software to successfully mutlibox without those macros. I think I’ve only seen one mutliboxer at tara the last ~month.
As a froob player I don’t attent tower wars, but I imagine it’s a simliar story there.

However in pvm it’s still very comon to see people multiboxing beast, db3, HI etc. and selling lootrights.

So to summarize:
Multiboxing in PvP: None
Multiboxing in PvM: Alot

If you feel the game would be enjoyable to you under those circumstances it’s definitely worth coming back! :slight_smile:

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How are tower wars? Guessing no multiboxing there either for pvp purposes?