New server Rk2019 and MB

Just a question from an very former player.
Do this new server already see multyboxer guys ?
If yes i will pass for sure


IIRC within 30 minutes of 2019 going live they were there. Last night I experienced one of the twits try a short train through the workman strikers room where my team was leveling… (hey thanks for the extra XP :smiley: )

Always. Constantly. Multiboxing is an essential part of this game since equipping of gear/twinking and overall in-game content can be done by one person, but not with one character.

O.o , 2 hours ago i had a slightly chance to resub for one month but oh dear it’s completely over now
See u in RK 2020 with « NO MB » policy’s !
Take care and have fun ( i hope)

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AO will never have a “No MB” policy, as it is a part of the game. As long, as players don’t use forbidden external software to edit TCP/IP packets or circumvent other restrictions of the game, it is completely fine and just a playstyle that particular player chooses.

Don’t hate them, just ignore them. Keep in mind, they sponsor a big part of the server costs.

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Yes there is, on the other hand there is also very easy getting a team for like anything, it haven’t been this alive in years and years. The lvl locks, and that there is just fresh and not heaps of all items makes a huge different, even the global chat is friendly, i think you should try for a month and just feel it out tbh.

Yeah, MB is not a problem on the new server. You can get in a team very easily… since the population is big enough for that. FC just won’t get rid of MB, it brings them good money.

Please, dont return and go find yourself a game that fits your likes.
I mb, alot of people mb… and i dont think my playing style would have had ever effected you ingame.
Kind regards, one of the mbers.

MBers dont really ruin the game…
Some people do however, ruin the game, by hogging unique spawns and selling lootrights, but that can be done by non-MBers aswell…
It has not happened as of yet, to me atleast, and it probably wont.
If you got a problem with people playing the game in solitude, then they arent the problem, and you should realize that.

MBers have had almost 0 effect on my experience, even though I’ve seen a few.

You very occasionally get KS’d by an MB’er, but apart from that, no major issues.

If you want to let that decide whether you play or not, suit yourself

Yes I saw a couple in the Subway. Since I do a lot of team missions they are not an issue. Even the one in the subway invited me into the team to do Abmouth. They are a plague in some other MMOs but here I don’t see the harm. If I end up sticking around I may consider a second account and have a character tag around behind me if just for extra storage and item swaps.

You some times get KSed by MBers.
But, you occasionally get KSed by non MB teams aswell.
If we are to blame all the problems of this game on MBers and exploiters, we have to remember that it is infact ourselves and our epeen, elitist attitudes that we need to work on.
On RK2019 these people have not gotten the foothold, and therefore cant dominate the server.
The day that they do is the day the server dies.
FC knows this, and that is why they are hesitant to raise the level cap.
If they just started a fresh server without any caps and all expansions, these people would already be FAAAAAAAAAAR beyond reach of the normal player.
And everyone knows the kind of people I’m talking about.
Right now they are in ToTW and SoM, deleting items from corpses instead of letting other people get the items for free.
The only solution to this problem is if everyone consolidated and stopped buying lootrights, and stopping the elitist attitude everyone have gotten used to over the years.

multiboxers exist, but I haven’t seen them at towers yet, and nobody is selling nodrops, so it is not a problem yet. Once the Multiboxing in pvp and nodrop selling begins, it will become a game breaking issue again.

MB exists and will always exist in the MMO genre. It sucks sometimes, sure, but you might want to go play another genre if you are going to complain about this.

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I agree with you, and killstealing/competing for kills is part of MMOs too, especially older MMOs.

but with that in mind, we also have to accept that complaining itself, complaining about all these things, is also part of the MMO experience. =p

I have two accounts, which I primarily use as shared bank space (which is a luxury I can’t do without, after playing EQ2) and for buffs.

I never, ever take them into contested content. I could take them into missions, but it’s too much work, ya know? So I rarely do that.

Much easier to find a team in RK2019 with real people in contested content, and much more profitable, if only to learn the zone. For example, in the backyard, a player invited me, which shocked the heck out of me. We then moved to subway, where he invited every player who was soloing until we had a full team, and after lots of deaths (which we made a point to go back and escort them to where we had been fighting), we were farming Ofab weapons.

If we encountered anyone multi-boxing, I didn’t notice.

plot twist: that guy who invited you was a multiboxer and all those ‘people’ he invited in the subway were just his alts!

If that is so, then it’s an endorsement of multiboxers.

But I still think this guy, whether he was a multi-boxer or not, who shocked me by inviting me, in the backyard, has the right idea.

Yesterday I was farming Nematet, with my semi-afk-boxed MP. An enfo came along to try and kill exarchs. I ended up inviting him, then inviting a few other solo’s who were just trying to get some basic loot and xp. Before you know it I had a full group and was killing stuff fast and running all over totw.

I don’t think boxxing is bad, I think the extremes some take is maybe a bit detrimental.

I don’t understand a full group MB. Why play solo? Play something else. I understand it gives you a advantage being able to loot and kill things you normally would have a hard time with. But even then, I play for the social aspect. If you have the option to play with others do it. If there is a lul in gameplay grab your box. But otherwise make friends.

That enfo is now on my friends list.