My very last post about MB

Many are still wondering whether it’s considered okay to use third party software that:

  1. Syncronizes movement (not by sending same commands but rather by warping).
  2. Syncronizes attacks (no idea how it’s done since /assist was removed in pvp).
  3. Automates healing (single heal if team member goes below 65% and Ch if below 35%)
  4. Automates killing in arid for afk axp-farming.
  5. Automates inf new mission complete with automatic pulling and completion while being afk.

It does seem to be completely against the current EULA, however after literally hundreds of reports against those who uses the software, they are still doing it, so that seems to conflict with it being against the EULA or they wouldn’t be allowed to continue doing that.

Some clarification is sorely needed since it’s been going on for roughly 5 years now and petitioning and asking yields no clarity. So is it considered ok? If so, let us know that and if not, why isn’t this fixed and why are they allowed to continue?

Thanks in advance.

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well current eula wasnt changed from start the game. i believe that MB is part of game what is not possible to remove and hold game alive.

if u watch on MB in global, more than 3/4 population has more than 1 acc and all using it in PVM. that holding game and economi alive. couse many players are old and did all raid like hundred times, has many creds and they used MB services to buy stuf or pover leveling couse they are tired from doing same thing over and over again. the game is just too old

on the other side there are also players using MB on pvp what bothering many of us. but its not possible to separate it from the rest. u can do only 2 things one is disalow whole MB = FC will lose almost all population or tolareted in quiet until somebody didnt do anything super stupit (like diping dmg or items) what FC doing now.

its only about us player to make some way where overyone wil enjoy fun. i know that its almost imposible couse many US players are frustraded that they cant defend theyr fields in EURO prime time and its same for EURO players in US prime time.

totaly bad is that 95% of clans are EURO and 70% of omni are US …

It should be considered against the EULA, but it’s not. Funcom has a very unhealthy stance on it. It is not good for the game since it scares away new players and existing players. The amount of damage this has done to the game is severe, the players using it just can’t see it because they are full of themselves.

new players doesnt know about that and they mostli doing pvp much later. existing player maby. but for FC economi MB player miens much more money what helping to keep game alive and if peoples doesnt do anything crazy they tolerate

look at that from other side nobody care if some MB kill beast and sell lootrights many many people will gladli pay for it and they are happy that they have new stuf

it is same just on other side is system not another player.

so i believe its only about us players if we made some deal or not

  • You use this program

  • You stopped using it seeing as your situation during towers did not change, you never wiped a full MB prepared omni force with your petty 3-4 pvm boxes that can’t even tell the difference between skill and using a software that is supposed to aid you. That’s what accessories are for, they enhance what is already there.

  • Your 5th point, what in the world is this? What makes you come to this conclusion?

  • I may be biased and it is not entirely against you - Why did you choose this moment, this very moment to write about this? (Not your previous punch in with Taraleadmeeper AKA Breakme’s post months ago) Why couldn’t this be discussed before with the same fervor? Tnet mass quit but they did so chidlishly, like spoiled brats not getting what they want. Is this how it’s going down again?

  • Why do people decide now is the time, the one moment, to write obvious stuff like you’re Sherlock Holmes merging with Shaggy’s squad? It’s a mystery for me how so many people are opposed to MBing but don’t give ideas on how to mitigate their impact in the game. Implent this and that, it’s a sh*tshow consindering how little creativity is going around in this community.

-Disclaimer; Just wrote what I had on my mind, ty.

On an official forum post, could you take more time to reflect on your own written post? Maybe fix spelling errors here, or add words to create a stronger sentence? Just a tip my g, don’t let the blood vessels pop.

Non taken. Sorry English is not my native language and i was send it from work didnt had much time

i thing its probably becouse you are the only one who loging MB in TARA

It’s really not that difficult to understand, let me put it in simple terms everyone can understand.

Hotkeynet is perfectly legal, it sends a keystroke on one client to other clients and nothing else.

Whatever this software is called that people are using for pvp, afk in new inf mish, and all the other things mentioned is not okay. This program is extremely illegal as it hooks into memory to read whats going on, then automates a wide variety of aspects of the game. This is simply put a bot, which will normally get you banned in pretty much every mmorpg on the market.

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But if it’s not okay, how come those who abuse it aren’t being dealt with?

good question , cause sync movement part is a clear method of getting around the removal of the use of assist and follow in pvp areas which the devs clearly removed those abilities to try an combat the use of mb programs in pvp… with how those programs work they completely negate the fact the player doesnt have the abilities to assist each other or follow each other when flagged or in gas of 5 an 25%…

i personally have nothing against people who use an mb helper if they want to use it to do beast, or db or inf missions or anything which is player verse monster… when it comes to towers and tara weather its an omni mb a clan mb or a nuet mber they should not be using the software in those areas because having such software doing things no one else can do with a single toon like assist or follow gives the mber and the side with the mber if the sync movement is on a clear and very deadly advantage over all others in the pvp area… but as i said in the pvm side theres no real threat to a person using this unless your dumb enough to run around flagged all the time then sadly i must say yer asking to die in game… but it clearly makes a very unbalanced field when it comes to pvp.

I agree with MB vs PvM.
I disagree with MB vs PvP.
MB its getting more usual everyday and why? Well, less ppl more options to try.
Funcom should add legal MB to avoid PvP problems and ban any outside apps,software etc.

We would all be fine with this I think.

There’s worse programs out there in terms of code usage namely Mishbuddy or clicksaver.

ClickSaver and Mishbuddy is nowhere as destructive to the game.
Just because you think MB is ok, does not mean its ok.

only issue with mb is those people who dont realise that it is a normal thing in any mmo

Yeah, perhaps…
But it does infact tend to drive people away.
And in PvP it is just unfair.

it doesnt drive people away since even if mb is here you are still able to go and make your own team and kill do pande, if its too hard task then you indeed should just drive away atleast 200 kilometer, and in pvp its just same thing just go ahead and make a team and take down multiboxer.

@Armus: maybe you can stop calling it multiboxing and start calling it client modification. People obviously get confused by the terminology.

As has been stated by AndyB before, FC does not consider multiboxing a problem.

The problem here is people using tools that change the way the game client works, allowing them to control characters in a way that is not possible by playing the game normally (i.e. movement synchronisation and other things mentioned in the original post).

A few of us used it briefly for a few weeks just to prove a point against those who have been abusing these hack programs for many years.

So you’re saying we don’t cheat as well as you do. Very clever! Also, we did achieve the goal which was to give omnis a taste of their own medicine. You might not realize this, but non MB omnis actually hated insta dying just as much as clanners always did. And you’re just delusional or you weren’t there for many of the taras and tower battles where we wiped moltiple boxes on omni side. We achieved our goal. However among the ppl that did do this, there was a consensus that this is destructive for the game, for both sides, so it was stopped.
What you call accessories is clearly cheating and against the EULA. Unfortunately FC is too weak, inept and incompetent to actually enforce the rules or even understand the consequences of these third party softwares and their use. But using them still makes you a cheater and being proud over it makes you a, well, I’d probably get the thread locked if I called you for what you are so I’ll pass.

Conclusion? There is no debate whether these programs can do this. Here is a video of it being used:

No ide what you are talking about their buddy. We did close down Tnet as the ammount of cheating going on just made towers unplayable for those who did not wish to engage in the kind of cheating you guys have been doing for years. It’s a game, it’s not a job or life. When Funcom clearly isn’t doing it’s job, closing down is the right thing to do.

If you’re creative and über as you make it sound, why don’t you just stop cheating and play on equal terms? Stop relying on third party software to hack the client to achieve unfair advantages. If you beat us like that I’ll be the first to commend you. But as is now, you’re one of hte biggest cheaters and you sound like you’re proud of it.

NW and Tara is still a great rush sometimes and there is no reason we can’t enjoy it for a while longer. If only the cheating would stop.