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I watched Multi-Boxers kill this game. It’s why I quit. Sad and stupid that they let it get so bad. They never did anything about it for years, they won’t start now.

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Another day of towers, another day of cheating by omnis in AO (you know who you are). Clan still won but the cheating goes on.

Cheating should be curbed imo. Because cheating/hacking is bad for the gaming experience of everyone else.

But how will omni ever compete without the cheats? :worried:

Funny how everytime the community points out to FC how ridiculously easy it is to use third party software to hack and play the game on easy mode, the same players, who still use these tools try to distract from the topic and start blaming other poeple to do this and that.

Only yesterday I saw someone using third party software to control a 6 NT multibox in pande garden, another 150 naked engi using stat hack to equip full gear in minutes normally impossible to legally twink in, a green fixer two-shotting an inf heckler boss with +dmg stat hack, and a level one with full pande gear.

Thanks Funcom for not giving a flying fart.

(If you read the shareholder update for 2017, you get a feeling why FC won’t intervene. The earnings from AO subs and shop are only a bit higher than the server costs, so banning certain users would result in a overall loss, next step server shutdown.)

“Only yesterday I saw someone using third party software to control a 6 NT multibox in pande garden”

multiboxing has been officially allowed since 2014 and been used pretty much since 2001 and not too long a go in last year fc team member confirmed again that its allowed. and you can have 30nt multibox if you want. there is not any limitation how many chsracters you can have with same profession

Third party software, which changes variables in the games memory to enhance controlling multiple (warping, assisting etc.) chars was never allowed.

Please stick to the topic and don’t try to distract from the real problem here, you exactly know, what I meant with that statement.

Using software that sends commands to multiple clients at the same time is indeed allowed. But that is not what we are talking about here. We are referring to software that manipulates packets in order to achieve syncornized movements and assisting as well as fully automated gameplay such as auto healing or even automated inferno new mission pulling and completion. All without any interaction of the player. This is clearly against the EULA but somehow, getting FC to acknowledge this is like extraction water from rock.

ok sorry, english is not my primary language

Except that the number of accs lost due to ppl quitting over these issues are far greater than the multiboxers. Let’s face it, it’s a handful of ppl who are ruining pvp for the entire server. We are talking 30 ish accounts at the most. In my org alone there is 10+ ppl who refuse to come back right now due to this and there are many orgs. Also many of these ppl have more than one acc. So no, losing money from banning cheaters is an illusion.

Also, FC could easily have the cake and eat it. Just make one statement such as this:

Due to the negative implications of using third party software to achieve advantages in pvp, all such software is banned in any sort of pvp scenario as well as in any non instanced areas.

Allowed instanced areas are:

APF zones

Etc etc.

Any breach of this rule will result in a ban.

The End.

Ppl who built toons for farming pvm and helping org mates could then continue doing so and would not cancel subs while the destructive part (pvp) would go away. It would be easy to police because it’s so easy to spot someone using synced movement and such.

Easy peasy fix if you care at all.

No worries mate. I had no idea about any of this myself until a few months back.

Nice idea, but FC does not have the human resources to monitor, if and when and where which software was used.

It is even easier, than you proposed. Ban ALL accounts, who use third party, which manipulates the game memory respectively rewrites memory or data packets. Software which only reads AO data would still be fine (Clicksaver) or sending manual keystrokes done by a human to multiple clients (Hotkeynet).

Re subscription losses due to banning. Think in corporate terms. Risk is a highly valued variable, therefore is not banning active accounts less risky, than hoping for new subs due to banning accounts. Sadly.

can u even imagine how many data FC getting every second from all online players and game it self ? and u acting like it was something super easy to track some thirth party program. but it is not. FC would need army if they want to do it.

only way how they can catch someone is if they get tip (petittion) and they tracking directly for him during he is online.

it is like it is and whining doenst change anything game is in maintance mode so enjoy play till we can and ignore people who bothering u.

Guys it’s literally a handful of ppl who do this for pvp. They are well known because they have been petitioned about 60 trillion times by now. Having a GM check what they are doing when they log on is not beyond FC even in it’s current state.

If someone would be silly enough to try using the sync software after the announcement, banning one of them would send a clear message and I guarantee that ppl who spent tons of money building their armies would get very careful very quickly. And if not, banning them all is not a big job either, it’s a handful of ppl.

Piece of cake, if you want to solve it.

no offense but I just LOL’d at that. do you know anything about exploits or security? nothing about it is “piece of cake”. What you people are asking for would require funcom to hire more developers to produce zero new content and just focus fight hacks in an endless cat and mouse game which is OBVIOUSLY not economically viable for this game and which would probably result in more people quitting than returning because their friend/org mate got banned, thus only lowering the game’s revenue on top of the increased cost of new security devs. so in closing folks, what you are asking for is not gonna happen regardless of how much you wish it because MONEY.

if giant corps like blizzard and valve cant even stay ahead of the most determined hackers you’re crazy if you think funcom can. I honestly think funcom’s response to third party apps, botting, and multiboxing has been evenhanded. they keep an eye on it and put in what cost-effective counter measures they can to deter the most destructive violations like no follow/assist in certain areas. sure that doesn’t stop the more intricate hackers, but it was a simple/cost effective half-solution which is more than we should expect to find in a 15+ year old game.

if you want an inkling of what it would take for funcom to fight hackers go look up the development of anti-cheating software like punkbuster, blizzard warden, valve’s VAC, etc. which are all huge proprietary investments/developments in their own right that come with a whole bunch of red tape for the developers to deal with in terms of consumer privacy that adds lawyers to your dev team. NOT gonna happen here. lol

If I too were 12 I’d also have loled at your post, no offense.

Noone is talking about actually fixing the vulnerabilities. We just want FC to come have a look at a tara when they are using this. It’s literally going to take a few minutes. No different from answering any other petition. It’s not hard. It’s easy. Provided you want to fix it.

dude i put in a petition the other day for a broken quest, didn’t get a response for the 3 hours I played that day, didn’t hear from a GM until the next day where they promptly helped me and solved my problem which I am very thankful for but it took about 24 hours to get a response! So… I really doubt they have the manpower to have GMs online 24/7 to actively monitor and police all pvp/notum wars/world bosses on top of their existing duties. And what would you want them to do? ban all the “offenders” and throw away more revenue? those world bosses will always be camped, if not by multiboxers, then by top orgs as they were in the past. world bosses will always be camped, banning multiboxing wont fix ever fix that. if you want a world boss you have to kill the other people who want the world boss, the kill belongs to wheover wants it the most and some nerd multiboxing a dozen characters clearly wants it more.

Somehow I feel that preventing large scale cheating which destroys the gaming experience for large groups should be given more much more attention than your broken quest.

And there is no need to do that. FC surely has the ability to have bots tell them when certain characters are logged on and off. If reported offenders log on, just check what they are doing and if they are being bad, ban them. Doing this a few times would make the few who didn’t stop after the initial statement that this sort of cheating would result in a ban, stop very quickly.

I’d argue that FC would save lots of time and resources by dealing with the problem a few times instead of dealing with recurring avalanches of petitions from players who were subjected to this sort of hacking/cheating.

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On a side note, ppl are reporting this software no longer works. Hopefully it will last a while!

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Yesterdays patch must have done something then. Good job Funcom!

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