Question on Multiboxing in AO

I have been told that using third party software to send the same commands to multiple accounts is allowed but it is not allowed to use different software to enable same movements and assisting.

Is this correct? It seems many still use this other software that is not allowed despite multiple reports.

I’m not trying to stir things up here. I simply want to know what the actual rules are so that I know for sure if “I” can use the same thing these other ppl are. I want to follow the rules, but I must know them to be able to do that.

Hoping for an official response or at least a good discussion. So keep it civil.

pretty much nobody cares if you multibox unless you are doing it in pvp. Thats where people start to get annoyed and send petitions. However I doubt that they will ban you for multi boxing, how ever you decide to use them. Just expect a lot of (justified) hate from the playerbase if you multibox in pvp.

As I said, it’s not multiboxing per se that I am asking about, it’s the programs that allow ppl to circumvent the nerf to /follow and /assist that I am asking about.

people using it all the time and in pvp also, they have yet to be banned.

just out of curiosity, tell us your story. What make you think they are using 3rd party app to circumvent the /follow and /assist nerf?