Does funcom turns blind eye agianst third party program (Multiboxing)?

Since HARD to find groups for levelling/party play and do actual end game contents (raids/pvp) but all ruined due to MBers (Multiboxing) there been so many complaints and no action seriously I love this game so much but to see get ruined by MBers on BOTH RK5/RK19 servers :frowning: kinda makes me want to cancel my sub and not play any of funcom games until this matters gets fixed this 2019 if you want this game to be active and alive WIPE all MBers accounts and force new rules in your TOS/RoC no third party softwares …. Ill say it again MB has RUINED and MURDERED this game to the ground and STILL you at funcom TURNED blind eye against this since 2011 :frowning:


I’m pretty sure if you can conclusively prove that someone is botting or cheating and you provide evidence (by PM) to someone like Andy or Nicole, something would be done. Proof is hard to get though.

People using third party applications to play would definitely be in breach of the ToS: clause 2(a)

Clause 2(a)
  1. Additional License Limitations. The license granted to you in Section 1 is subject to the limitations set forth in this Terms of Service (collectively, the “License Limitations”). Any use of the Service or the Game Client in violation of the License Limitations will be regarded as an infringement of Funcom’s copyrights in and to the Service and/or Game Client. You agree that you will not, under any circumstances:
    a. Use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other third-party software designed to modify, enhance, or otherwise alter the Service, the Game Client or the Game experience without the express written consent of Funcom.

It is however legitimate to multibox if you are controlling characters directly yourself. I don’t play AO yet but I have played 2 characters at one time in other Funcom games legitimately (AoC, for example). I played on 2 computers with two paid accounts, controlling one with a gaming mouse and the other with a gaming keyboard. How well i played is open to debate :slight_smile:

This was in no way a breach of the ToS.

Broc what are you smoking? You think 5 toons piled up perfectly 1 on another following a sixth , and doing all of them the same movements in same millisecond .
People posting on forums gather for s42 with MB only…they all use MB (third party software) yet fc wont ban them and we get empty servers, because of that.

As for Andy or Nicole?? I e-mailed them video with prof of a exploiter and what he used and how…guess what…he was never banned not even 1 day.
I never even got a reply to my mail…after 6 months.
They don’t care about it.
They have ruined AO due to short term gains, they were happy about 20-30 accounts that subscribed but lost hundreds in the long run…
Face it unless ao2 we got no chance.


I wish :slightly_smiling_face:

You think 5 toons piled up perfectly 1 on another following a sixth , and doing all of them the same movements in same millisecond .

What you describe sounds like someone using something like Boxer, which I suspect would be bannable. Usually the rules require that one keystroke/mouseclick should trigger one action; the reason that the toons stack is that multiple toons are being controlled in an exactly similar fashion, probably with the unstacked toon being the master.

Surprised to hear that video evidence of that sort of thing doesn’t result in a ban. I’ve heard of people being banned for far less in AoC…

In aoc…for AO…they dont care…they stopped supporting it for ages :frowning:

Still I have high hopes for the new dune game…hope it will have some AO elements.

One can only dream :smiley:


yeah, they don’t care. Many of the multiboxers pay for multiple subscriptions, and the argument stops right there. Funcom will always cater to the long-time whales when it comes to AO since development has stopped and they are focused on newer projects. Cheating is the least of their concern in a 19 year old game. As long as its turning a profit, FC doesn’t want to touch it.

Do you really think the problem for the low player base is MBing? There are only a few around. For a lot of people, buying lootrights from them is the only option because of a myriad of reasons.

-A lot of us have stuff to do IRL and don’t have time to play 24/7.
-Some others have issues with time zones and hardly have friends online.
-Their orgs are not as strong and no matter what they do, they will never be able to do high-end content. I am telling you this from experience. I played a lot between 2006 and 2013 and our org was barely able to handle beast. Let alone getting any loot from it.
-Others don’t like to join raid bots for different reasons (randoms, point system, perhaps some don’t like the raid leaders, etc).
-and many more options.

If you don’t want to buy from MBers, don’t do it, but let those who want to do it.

Also, do you think that wiping the MBer accounts will do anything positive to the game? It will 100% be the death of it. For those who pay for 4-8 accounts, what do you want them to do? You want them to go through the grind every time they make a new character?

And another thing. What caused a large player base to leave was FC’s slow response to fix exploits, bugs, lack of new content, introducing it to steam too late, and the duping. Tell me how ANY of this is the fault of MBers.

Third party programs that allow you to actively play multiple accounts do not break the EULA. You are actively controlling all accounts. There is zero difference in using a program to do that or alt-tabbing between the accounts. If you want to go strictly by the definition of third party programs, then if you have ever used Clicksaver or Mishbuddy, then you should get banned as well. I am 100% sure that if you have, you have gotten up from your computer to do something else while the program rolls the nano. So there ya go, that’s bannable.

Those people who you claim are killing the game, are actually keeping it alive with their subs.

What turns away new players?
-the hideous graphics. Particularly in the player selection area. I have tried to get multiple friends to play and they said “what kind of a game is this? why are the faces so ugly and pixelated?” (The never even encountered an MB…)
-The fact that it costs the same as it did almost 20 years ago during launch and there are many other free or cheaper options with way more graphics.
-The fact that it’s a hard game. Twinking, etc. It’s not for everyone.
-The constant crashes
-I have never heard a new player complain about MB. in fact, they think it’s kind of cool that you can do it, and it enables them to do much more than they could do without it.

Your problem is that you are living in the past, longing for something that is not there anymore. Back then, there were hundreds if not thousands of players to team with, to play with, and teaming was easy. Those times are over. This is a game in maintenance mode. Back then, there used to be MBers too and they are 100% not the reason this game is in its current state.

Good luck in all your future endeavors.


You are completely right on multiple points:
Yes, clicksaver and such are as much banable as MB. Both are unattended playing. An no, FC is not gonna do something about it. It does technically break the EULA but it’s not as bad as botting in other games gets.
New players don’t stay away/drop out because of MB.
Right now MB is one of few ways to get items.
The price is way too high for the lack of new content, playerbase and support you get.

You are mixing some things up though. If you look back a year or 5-8 ago MB was for a lot of people the reason to quit. What point was there in twinking, the thing that makes OA so fun, if you just get steamrolled by 4 or 5 mediocre MB toons?

FC should have acted against MB back then to keep the PvP scene alive and keep people interested in raids instead of trying to solo them for profit. That and a better fix for the economy.

Right now there isn’t much FC can do about it. If they ban MB now they will instantly kill of the game but in the past it would have been a good move.

Keep in mind that I was thinking purely on a PvM basis. I can’t comment on OA MB stuff because I was never part of that, but I do see how that can be infuriating. I agree that MB should be kept out of PvP, 100%.

Hold your horses.
The issue with MB for example on the new server is that you can never compete vs a MB for spawns and drops from different mobs.

Tell me how fair is it to work for months on a toon, grind symbs and items and do all you can just so you have a 50%-50% chance to kill at 205 (when that was the cap) mobs in inferno for some drops?
And bam comes a 6 man army with tons of auras almost all toons are in ql 200 implants…because they offer buffs that stack and make all easy…
Just tank and doc have some items…and there you go easy kill.
You find it logical to compete for stuff with somebody who has enfo/doc/crat /keeper/trader/soldier?
Just those auras alone make a hell of a difference and their debuffs, plus nano skills and reflects and aad…AND MEZZ.
So how can you say MB didnt ruin game?
Look at rk2019 when it was launched at start. Tons of people came to play and grind…then came the MB with no room for normal noobs to farm, and they started selling credits items etc.
The server population dropped and most quit.
But hey at least MB can still sell stuff on epic…right? :smiley:

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I am not familiar with RK2019, but I am sure that you can’t put the blame on MB. From what I heard, some MBers “monopolized” some of the mobs, but there are plenty of others. Also, even without software, if I were to pay for 6 accounts, why shouldn’t I have a much better chance at obtaining loot? Your 50-50 still sounds quite good to me. I recall that there used to be mobs in Ado (example) 10 years ago where you had basically 0% chance of getting a loot because there was always a shade in sneak mode waiting for the spawn. So… what’s the difference?

And while we are at it, I am sure that MB was the cause of the demise of RK19 (sarcasm), and not let’s say the idiotic way in which it was rolled out, or the fact that it was an obvious money grub from the start. Or… the fact that people were always unhappy (one way or another) with the way level caps were released. A lot of people had a nostalgic view of AO (the whole reason this worked in the first place) and were happy with RK only stuff. Then SL got rolled out, and the RK-only people were unhappy, etc. Only to come to the realization later on when SL and 200+ levels were unlocked, that they’d be doing the same grind as in RK5, but without the stuff from RK5.

You can’t blame everything on MB. Sure, PvP should have never seen it in the first place and I agree that it’s unfair here.

I have never had issues over content with people. Most of the content that is MBed is instanced, anyway.

And what you are claiming about getting your 50-50 chance on inferno mobs… what if I had 6-8 accounts and was camping a mob and alt-tabbed every single account to engage into fight? I am sure you would lose 100% of the time and no MB program was used. What’s the excuse there? “It’s unfair that the other person has 6-8 accounts and uses them to camp a mob and I only have one”.

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If you alt tab 6 accounts on 1 PC i wana see you spaming mezz drains heals and taun…without getting yourself killed by adds.
I used 3 accs on at tab and that is pretty ok. With enfo crat doc.
And the 50-50 is the CHANCE to kill the mob.
Go ahead roll a 205 lvl toon with only SL items and no resarch and then go in inferno and show me your GODLIKE skills in soloing creepy and other mobs for SL loot?
So yes a MB player will have a easy time with 6 toons compared to one with just 1-2 acc using old fashion alt tab.
And you can say all you want. But since MB came people left.
They will buy only so much items and credits till they say f it…

Here video could explain but MB are fine and helps people get gear from The Beast and stuff xD

Omg there is a video, that must be 100% right if its video! This guy made the video 5 years ago and nothing changed. Just deal with it.

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Alright, I see you have posted this video on DNet, on Reddit, and here. Nobody cares about this stupid video, which is also several years old might I say.

You complain about the prices being high, but this means you can also make money easy by selling at higher prices. It’s called inflation, brought to you by… DUPING and not MBing. MBers mostly sell lootrights to nodrops. Those items that drop along with nodrops (tnh symbiants, vortex/mitaar symbiants, etc) are usually dirt cheap because there are so many of them on gmi at any given point. Some of the rare TNH symbiants are expensive, but they have always been. I remember paying close to 1b creds for an int brain symb 10 years ago before duping.

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"if I were to pay for 6 accounts, why shouldn’t I have a much better chance at obtaining loot? "
Paying more to the game company shouldn’t significantly affect either your pvp or pvm performance. That’s the premise of pretty much any game.

That’s exactly the problem: multiboxing makes any multiplayer pvm encounter pay-to-win. People have multilogged for decades, but nobody cared because it wasn’t affecting others. Multiboxing only became controversial when people started monopolizing mobs.

With the population bottoming out, it’s a vicious cycle. If you have to multibox to compete, you’re more likely to quit. If you multibox, you’re unlikely to team with others and they’re more likely to quit. If there are fewer players, it’s harder to find a team. If you can’t find a team, you’re more likely to multibox or just quit.

At this point, the cancer is terminal. FC needed to ban multiboxers years ago when they were a small fraction of the playerbase.

And yeah, duping indicates gg. Last I checked, there were hundreds of thousands of real-world dollars of duped items on the GMI, being restocked steadily.

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I mean, this may be true to a certain point. I have yet to encounter a MB out there fighting a mob that I need or want to kill (for whatever reason). They are rarely out in the open and most are selling beast/vort/mitaar lootrights, stuff people can’t solo/dual log with ease anyway. (yes I know vort and mitaar can, but that’s not my point). If you go around RK or SL looking for mobs, I highly doubt you’ll encounter a MB out there that’s actively hunting those mobs / camping them. And if you do, come back in 20 minutes or 1 hour and they’re guaranteed gone.

In a lot of cases, the only reason we’ve been able to do high-end content as an org is by bringing out the MB. We grab everyone who wants to join within the org and do stuff. I don’t see the harm in this, since it enables us to do stuff we couldn’t before.


Yes JohnyK, there has been hundreds of people who left AO since 2011, when the key binding patch came in. My whole org, and many other orgs slowly stopped playing.

Dont get me wrong, people used to “MB” before 2011, using gaming keyboards and mouses, but at the time it would have a significant difference in its effectiveness, since you could key chain only few certain keys. Back then we would call it dual log, tripple log etc …

More I think about it and more we are in this convo, it is clear to me that this move in 2011 was INTENDED to support multiboxing, aka income.

oh and by the way … many multiboxers you see running around are using their friends accounts - those friends who stopped playing over the last decade - I am sure I would not be the 1st one to come across an old friend of mine I used to play with, figuring out, oh its not you, its your cousin … got it… wellll

These things are against EULA … therefor are bannable, and since it has not been managed in this manner, that simply means this is not fair. A game should be FAIR in all matters otherwise it gets boring and you leave. Thought I still play, my fun in this game is to twink my characters, barelly participating in any MMO unless I see an old name to chat with.

While I understand your point of an orgmate bringing his MB to support an org, it is still againts the EULA if hes using 3rd party software. That is just a fact!



Its even okei to use program to even do all action for you. all you need to do is target and press attack, rest if done by 3rd party program. Funcom are silliently supporting cheating.

Even a GM wouldnt do anything when he had chance to see it live himself :stuck_out_tongue:
Belive most gamer dont enoy playing games what you are allowed to cheat in the long run.

I personally know someone playing with 12 accounts simultaneously. Believe me, he ain’t alt tabbing or using multi screen.

Anyone pretending here that third party multi boxing isn’t common is either multiboxing themselves or is being obtuse.

Let’s face it, multiboxing is here to stay. Sure there are only a dozen or so multiboxers in the game, but between themselves they probably have a couple of hundred paid accounts.

Sure some content like Ipande, LoX and APFs are unsalvageable, Funcom can actually design content that is mechanically too hard to Box to worth it for Boxers to bother with it.

Like PoH, or DB3 past 1st boss.

The real endgame content right now is DB3, PoH, S42, New ToTW and possibly the upcoming new Subway. None of these are commonly boxed, the sellers you see are teams of people farming it properly.

Organize your own teams, join a Raid bot and blast through the farm content (Ipande can be easily done with 1 team, you can always gather a 12man off Darknet in a few minutes and DB1, DB2, Miitaar and Vortex can be done with teams of 2 to 4 people, and you can get a full set of betas from doing that and 2 quest chains) and with that gear you’re ready to do all the real endgame stuff.

If all the boxers vanished tomorrow you still wouldn’t be able to find a team if you can’t find one now. People who have content on farm will continue farming with people they know.

Make friends, join groups, socialize, join bigger orgs, raid bots etc and stop blaming the boxers.

The only real thing to blame boxers for is the insane inflation on Graces and them ruining outdoor event bosses and PvP.