Official stance on multi-instances?

Has there been an official stance given on this yet? I cannot locate a single mention of it even on the old forums.

2 instances of the game being run at the same time on the same PC with a person always at the keyboard via a program that sends the same keystroke to both OR Split screening them, 1 on each screen and doing a mouse over to select the second instance and doing keys manually.

From what i understand there is no official stance as long as the person is manning the keyboard. the only stance they have taken issue with in the past is people running auto bots that play for you while you go afk. they called this unattended gameplay. Obviously if someone was multiboxing as bad as they do in wow in such a small community as aoc it might stand out and the nail that stands out gets the hammer

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I did not see anything in the EULA that prohibits multiple client installation on one computer.
To access the test-live server you had to have a second separate installation of the age of Conan game client in a different folder to the non-test live game client.
The EULA does detail a set of things that are violations, so if a person was running multiple clients and utilising those things they would be in violation of the EULA agreement they agreed to follow when they created the account. (Whether it be multiple clients on one computer or on different computers)
So your first example (using a program to send keyboard input simultaneously to both clients) I would speculate would violate the EULA as you would be using third-party software to play the game…which is prohibited. Your second example (spilt screen and select client with mouse and then making actions for that clients character) would not…

I am on the same page as Kwalya.

My impression is that it has a lot to do with the reason why you have two clients running, and what you do with the toons.
For example, farming your own alts for pvp progression, or in the pet arena, or in rf, is forbidden (EULA covers this via the stuff about unfair advantages and gameplay not intended), and people will get bannend for that if reported.
But I do not think logging in on two accounts from one system/pc for trading reasons, or crafting reasons (to bring a toon that holds your ressources to your crafting toon without having to relog all the time), or to be able to invite a toon to a guild (one invites, with the other you have to accept manually) is anything a GM or Funcom would care about. You could do that from two systems/pc, too, running around between them. But all of that would not harm any other player, or give you unfair advantages over other players. All of this wont even be recognized from any other player.
I remember people who had two clients running for testing reasons (so they could bring one character on a certain armor level, and hit and test with the other in a pvp szenario, test debuffs, buffs etc.).

But I suppose the OP means using two characters for…well…forbidden stuff. And from my perspective the line between (let us call it) “convenience” and violation is pretty easy to spot.

And running a bebot guildbot character is permitted by Funcom … well assumed it’s permitted as there are multiple posts on the old forums about bebot and I assume Funcom would have deleted those posts if it was in violation of the EULA to use them … so having a second client for that (guildbot) would not violate the EULA either

Still no official response…guess this is why an answer cannot be found via search on old forums. Every other MMO I know of has company responses on this topic. Its either ok, not or ok in some instances like it not effecting other players directly.

Perhaps if you use the @* feature to the community manager or moderator it will come up on their notifications so you will get their attention and they will respond with an official response. Or a direct message to one of them.

I don’t see why that is an issue. Isn’t it better to not have a rule written in stoneabout that? Because there are situations in which it enhances qualitiy of life immensly, or in which it is just a workaround because no friend is online (or because you do not trust anyone). Everything that hurts the EULA is covered, self-alt-farming, raidfinder/minis popping and grinding beeing afk on one account, and getting unfair advantages etc., and that are things you can and will get banned for if reported and verified by a GM.
Everything else - no one really cares about, because it does not effect the gameplay of other people. And as I said, it is pretty easy to decide what falls in which category.
Do you ask because of a specific situation?

Yes actually. Guess I should have given it but am focused on playnig :stuck_out_tongue:

Came here will a small group of people from another game to give this a go again (I did sub and buy the expansions) however we are not many but have been together for a LONG TIME, I mean going all the way back to Ultima Online way back…

Anyway, sometimes we cant fill out a full raid, end up short by 1-2 most of the time. So, we had the idea that instead of taking the chance of getting a ninja or drama queen and ruining our fun at the MOMENT and dont want to really risk the chance of killing our joy before being pulled back into the game completely and driving us away, we thought of seeing if we can have 2 people multi-box to fill out our raid.

It would only be for our raids. Not in a public area. And only until we are sure we are sticking around, then will set about opening our guild up to outsiders if we cant get anyone else from other games are guild is in, to join us.

If you’re missing only two people, you can probably clean the raid instance as it is.

Bosses still get us.

Only a few of us have played after the game went F2P and I recall that only one person stuck around after expansions came out. So, we have zero end game raid experience.

This is only coming from an “keep fun high” angle long enough for everyone to become locked into staying. As I said above, I already subbed and got the expansions so I am hoping to get everyone to stay :slight_smile:

Well, if you’re on Saga, I can help you when I’m online. I know the fights and I don’t care much about loot :slight_smile:

If you want to keep the fun high a little heads up regarding encounter mechanics and raid tips would help a lot more. I personally would recommend you to not shy away from taking “strangers” with you into your raids, from many years of raid leading in this game I can tell you that (despite the bad ass reputation the forum crowd of the AoC-Community has) most, like 99%, of the people are nice and helpfull. Especially if you advertise the spots in a “learning raid” or looking for patiente people you will usually get one of two kinds: 1. a new clueless player or 2. a bored veteran who atcually likes to play with and help new groups and raids. You would not only benefit from a filled raid, you could make connections, win new players, or meet friendly helpfull veterans.
Knowledge, well prepared raid leaders and perhaps some outside input will help you a lot more to keep your member in AoC, than cluelessly trying to reinvent the wheel. This is one of the weirdest ideas I have heard in a long time.

About the free spots: On the one hand if you can not kill the bosses with 22 people then “multi boxing” would be considered to be not ok - you take unfair advantage of it. On the other hand…it would only gimp your raidforce, to be honest. Have you been to real raids in AoC? Perhaps you noticed that there are almost no bosses where one player on two toons at the same time could be beneficial to the raid whatsoever. There are more things that can go wrong or ad negativly to the bossfights then there are things that would help. One person on two dps toons…yeah, with a macro that might be the only thing that might help…but not only does macro-fighting suck big times and is an embarassment for every halfway decent player, but it is not helpfull anyway, because even in the easy bossfights you need to be able to react to the situation, even on a dps.
The player will be much, much more valuable to the raid on one toon he concentrates on and trys to master and reacts fast and coordinated, than on two bad played dps toons. More so if you struggle to clear raids.
There is not one bossfight or situation in any of the raids I can think of where I would say: Yes, a mindlessly spellweaving Necro who was placed at spot xy at the beginning of the fight would have saved the day.


You can only play one character from your account at a time. If you try to log a second client into the same account it won’t…either it fails or boots the account on the first client … I can not remember which but I’ve encountered this when switching computers.
So any multi-boxing needs multiple accounts…which means you have to purchase the expansions for all the accounts as these are account-bound.
Sharing your account information is against the EULA, so every person who wants to multi-box must “own” their accounts…

What Kantakwa put about one person trying to play two characters in the AoC raids is quite true. Most encounters need you to move and react …and sometimes quite quickly. So the delayed reaction time of a multi-boxing split screen player could be the difference between their characters surviving or dying …or the raid succeeding or wiping …

Sorry bro, taking in outsiders right now is not going to happen. This guild started 21 years ago almost 150 people spreading outside of UO, over 250 after EQ and AC we took on a no drama policy and created a long tryout process before someone can join. It has kept us together all this time and that will not change. We are old-school players, we prefer to learn how to beat a boss instead of reading a manual on how to do it.

Yes, multi-boxing requires more than one account, I do not recall any MMO ever allowing someone to log into 2 characters at the same time.

The logistics you bring up are already expected and is fine with us and would be part of the challenge until our numbers grow…and give us a good laugh in the mean time.

Will wait and see if any official word is ever given.

Then I’ll repeat what I put a couple of posts ago …try directing your query directly to a Funcom employee …such as a direct message to the community manager (andyb) or Christa (a support customer service employee) asking them about it.

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I was not talking about taking “outsiders” into your guild. I was talking about filling 1-2 spots in your raid, open spots that regarding to you are the reason why you can not beat bosses. Spots you think are that crucial for the success of your raids that you actually consider something that is very clearly cheating, to be blunt. Do you really need an official statement about that? I mean, really?
You said you are trying to find a way to keep your people in the game and to help your raids, but now they would be fine not only with something shady like multi boxing, but that will slow you down even more? Multi boxing is not going to help you, because even if you would risk getting your raiders bannend for something stupid like that, it would hurt the raids way, waaaayyy more than it would help. Why would you do that? Just go in there with 22 players, and be fine.
I like your oldschool approach, but I think you underestemate how complex raiding in AoC is. I am not telling you to read up a manual, but if your raidleaders came up with this morally more than questionable idea, not even recognizing that it is not even a helpfull …“option”, then they really need some basic knowlegde about the game. And that is what I do not get: How can you refuse to just seek out helpfull information, refuse to reach out to veterans to have a nice little chat with your raidleaders, but at the same time come up with such a nonsense idea as multi boxing?
In short: Not even helpfull in AoC raiding, don’t do it.

I wish you and your guild raidforce the best of luck, it is really good to hear that there are new, or returning guilds trying to climb the tier ladder.

Well, if you can’t do it by yourselves and refuse to get help from people who have the knowledge and experience you need, you can stop playing AoC. I doubt your friends will want to spend months wiping to reinvent the proverbial wheel in a 10 years old game.

Why did you even bother to reply?

Do you really think I do not know the people I have played with for over 20 years? Your mindset is one of the reasons why we are a closed guild and have a long application process.

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