Blizzard just banned multiboxing for their games

They said it has a noticeable negative impact on the game. Since they are the industry leader in mmorpgs maybe funcom will consider changing their policy towards cheating cough multiboxing

yes, i think this will be the wake up call funcom needs

Where are you seeing this change in policy?

I had a bit of a google and I could not find anything officially regarding any changes to their policy, can you link anything from Blizzard?

I did see a few forum posts about Multiboxing people being banned on Classic only but you should take that with a grain of salt because:

  1. People lie as in “I was totally there the whole time while my 20 druids ran around doing the same thing repeated 5000 24/7 for 3 weeks, don’t you worry, it certainly wasn’t botted to hell and back!”
  2. People on classic get banned for absurd things like the crazy case of a player being banned for removing a twitch streamers buffs.
    Until Caloss :wink: can point at someone ingame and they get banned we don’t need to worry about that yet. Though he grows in power each day! :scream:

In any case I think its irrelevant, the business actions of a MMO making millions every month has no basis of comparison with AO.

So even if tomorrow they DO ban it universally, it won’t make any difference as far as AO is concerned at the moment in my opinion.

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Last weekend I saw a full group of warlocks named “Hexeins”, “Hexzwei” and so forth moving on the same spot, casting the same spell at the same time … so I guess it’s still practiced freely in classic.

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It’s actually in the link you posted as well, the link states: “Please note, however, that use of input broadcasting software may result in account penalties.”

Multiboxing without the use of such software has never been an issue.

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While we understand your concern, other companies’ specific policies may not necessarily influence our own.