No warning when creating a new character that only get one?

Hi there, I am pretty new to this game. My husband talked me into playing it with him, only he is on PVP. I got to 60 in two weeks, and while I like playing with him I am not a huge fan of bunker builds, especially with the pretty stuff from the new add on pack! So I decided I would try the PVE server this morning while my hubs at work to see some of the pretty builds and check it out. I then went to log in my regular toon to check our wheel of pain thralls… only my character is gone!

I get that you restrict same server toons. However it would have been nice to have some sort of warning that my old toon would be deleted if I did this. It doesn’t say in your manual that there is only one toon. I only found out this because of trying to make a toon on an entirely different KIND of server!

My suggestion is simple. Add a warning message! Also update your manual to let folks know there is only ONE character slot available per customer. Also, a little clarification with regards to if we can have one official server and one modded would be nice too =p

Finally, and this is a beef my hubby had: why cant people who live in the same house play together “offline”? Seems kind of silly don’t you think? I would love to be able to include our son, but I am not letting a minor play this game online. Please rethink the whole IP address limiting us from having a “family world”.

I have had toons on more than one server at a time. And my own SP game besides that. I never had a problem.

Your old character is still on the the other server. That information is stored on the server not locally on the client. You are only restricted to one character per machine for single player. If that toon is not still there, then this is the first time I have ever heard of this happening.

As for being able to play together on a local network, it is absolutely possible. Read this thread for how to.

Thanks for the feedback on the steam account information. You are right! My toon is there. I derped and picked the wrong PVP in server select /facepalm /blush. Thanks for the steamCMD fix info!

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