"No multi-boxing" agreement between omni and clan during Notum wars

I decided to start this thread for one simple reason: I wanted to bring attention to the problems associated with the current Notum war situation, and I hope that such a public discussion might end the problem much more quickly. I’ve already talked to both omni and clan players who make towers, and both sides are fed up with so-called multiboxing (MB).
I also sent links to players, who are mentioned in this thread. They can try to find a solution here and publicly.

Current situation is this:

Clan MB player says:
Omni started MB, blame Melizabe and Vik. Meliz and vik (Angel Outside and Devil Inside) started boxing towers level 14 and 27. Omnis do MB even at TL7.

Omni MB player says:
Clan made MB to take fields, there are videos from December 2020, Omnis wouldn’t log a single box when clans logged 5+. Due to clan MB everything, Omnis quit playing, we do MB as protection against clan MB.

There was already a solution in the past:

There was already a discussion between clan and omni to stop this MB. Clan TNET implemented „no MB rule“, but 1 week later, Zero and his friends multiboxed again and then they disbanded TNET. And those some individuals made another MB friendly bot.
Why do Omni MB right now? The reason is silly! Omnis think that this huge MB will make clan MBers quit because they been plaguing the game for over a year now.

MB is done only by a few players:

The issue is not with all players, but only with a few players who decided to ruin AO by multi-boxing, ignoring agreement and rule between clan and omni about „NO multiboxing at tower wars“. Don’t blame omni or clan, don’t say they started it first, so we can do it too. This is not solution and it won’t help. It is issue created only by specific players, who made and use MB till today.

How to solve this situation? You can bring your suggestions. But you should keep in mind that this is issue on both sides and it is done only by a few players, the majority hates the MB.

Solution from my point of view:

  1. There is going to be a new clan bot or already is made, I am not sure for the reason that I don’t own clan alt. The person responsible for this bot should be the player Baked (Maked). He should make sure that he doesn’t support the players, namely Zero and his friends, who re-founded MB even though TNET had an agreement with Omnis.

  2. Players who do MB (clan or omni) should realize that tower fileds are for fun, where people can still PVP and have fun with their twinks and with their friends. Notum war is still a reason why people might be interested in doing PVP twinks. Battlestation is a joke now and the only good team PVP is on towers.

  3. Clan players such as Zero, Evilmechanic, and others, and on omni side: Melizabe, Vik, Sphixie and others. You should stop doing or supporing players who do MB and not waiting that the other side will stop doing it. This will never happen with our discussion.

  4. The side XP bonus, org contract or tower bonuses or your EGO? are not worthy to lower AO population by annoying other normal players of this game by your MB.

  5. Multi-boxing during Notum wars is a broken game mechanic and using something like that should lead to a ban for a period of time. Funcom should be responsible to investigate each report/petition that someone did MB during Notum wars.

  6. Soldier and keeper damage aura should be level locked or modified in such way that it won’t affect damage output in tower field (TL1-5) areas, this will lower damage of MB characters and players may have chance to kill MB characters if this happen again.

The most important thing to realize is that MB is killing AO, the fun of twinking and making NW and its population. People should not support players who choose to ignore the “NO multiboxing” agreement. Such people should be kicked out of raidbots, their orgs and left without support from either side. These people are the cancer of AO. They are not helping their side, they are ruining the whole game for both sides.
I’m not afraid to say that the support of MB players is the same as the support of terrorists, who are also in the minority. The only solution is communication and the knowledge that MB is error, disease. It is mistake that Funcom cannot effectively resolve.

At the end of this thread, I really hope that both sides and all people responsible for MB will truly realize that this game and its part called Notum war was not created for boosting your ego but for having fun from twinking and then PVPing with friends. If you don’t have friends to PVP with you, then you should start with making such friends, not with making army of agents/enfs/traders and then simply pressing 1 button on 6+ alts at the same time thinking that when this game allows such mechanic that it is OKAY. It is not…

I am really glad that I can write this thread when it was omni (my side) who just ruined Notum war. Why? For the reason that both sides will see that this thread was really created to fix MB issue in NW and it is not for the reason that I would want to have higher side xp bonus or some tower bonuses, etc. I hope that people responsible for MB and clan/omni bot leaders will try to help with current situation. I believe that no one likes current situation, even the MB players hate to do it (if they were honest during our discussion).

You seriously want Baked (Maked) to lead a clan bot when he plays both sides , That solution is just a big fail.

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I do not know this player. That’s what I heard and I share this information here.

Firstly, Baked running a clan bot when he plays both Omni and Clan…
Yer that’s not a recipe for disaster… omni’s might trust him but clan don’t.

Secondly, Any NO MBing agreement will fail because -

  • Those that want the agreement to work are those that dont MB in the first place.
  • Those MBers that are happy to oblige, will stop doing so the second a MB turns up at NW or BS
  • You are always going to get those people that just want to ruin the game for others so will not agree to the agreement.

As for Funcom dealing with MBers… I have petitioned loads over the last 3 months and not a single 1 got banned, not a single one!

I am sorry but this post is too little too late, especially since Omni decided to MB the rest of clan towers to get to 25% side XP and then gloat about it. I don’t speak for all clan but a lot of us have agreed that we will not be returning to the game. I hope Omni enjoy PVPing themselves.

Bye waves


Clan don’t trust me because I have 2 characters who are omni (of which I’ve been upfront about), and because Tnet leaders and Zero decided to break an agreement I wasn’t even a part of, but fully supported, and because I can be civil when talking to players of other factions, I’m the traitor, maybe it’s time to stop pointing your finger at people coming up with solutions.

Honestly though, get real, this is a video game, at the end of the day, if Faction is all you care about, then there are pleny of people willing to roleplay with you. But for pvp faction doesn’t mean jack, especially right now, when nobody wants to play because of the poor decisions of clan leadership, most of whom do not even play anymore, they’re either in full support of clowns like Zero perpetuating this nonsesne, they got clapped, or they ran off to another game.

Here I am though, trying to find a solution to a problem I saw coming in 2019, and warned many of, but again, can’t trust me, because of the 2 characters that have been omni less than a year, when I’ve been clan for over 19 years, stop drinking the punch, it’s over.

Fact is, I’ve been playing this game and pvping, likely longer than most of the people currently “pvping” on clan side. I’m a no BS kind of person, and that upsets people, but I’m not here to try and comfort a mass of players who don’t actually even care about pvp, they care about having towers for making things “easier” for twinking in their org, they don’t want to pvp to hold it, they just want it, and don’t care the means to the end, so ofc everyone riding Zero to hand out towers…

Kind of strange for someone that claims they’ve quit, to be spewing trust issue nonsense when they don’t even know anything though, nice to see you hiding behind an alias though Osiris :slight_smile:

PS. Also, running away, instead of trying to resolve the issue, shows that you and those people were never meant to lead, and what you have to say now, doesn’t hold any real weight, so toodles to you Osiris :slight_smile:

  • Baked

Typical response from a punch drinker, clueless about the person they’re talking about… working off rumors and what little information was given to them from unreliable 3rd party sources with an agenda.

I also don’t see you suggesting anything, or offering up possible solutions to the issues at hand.

Omni leadership knows where I stand, and when ADULT clan members actually sit down and talk to me they understand where I’m coming from, and see the potential for what I have to offer with what I’ve already put forward.

Be your own person for once and stop echoing someone elses nonsense. Please.

Greetings.1st of all i thank you Come Get some org to takeing omni sides with omni org since you an old omni org with pvp skillz.

2nd remove that part about Baked that player has no idea what pvp is hes job only troll everyone on Ao discord and spam clan OOC about us ))) none going use hes bot.Hes most hated person on clan side.

3rd Clans main bot is Warside and always will be nothing will change.
Mb war started not by clans and we have screens vids so on too thats not important. Yes omni got good numbers on mb lately since most clans just quit due FC wont ban some kinda guys who openly cheating.
Clans dont have mb on every TL and never had.but we will make if need thats not problem let em play with xp side np, We pvped vs em on tl7 only if omnis will stop supporting DI (Devil Inside and Angel Outside) Clans wont MB any of you. We only after em. You can Ask orgs like Para DF Core none of thier sites been MBbed only legit pvp.last night 2 op clan twinks on tl1 was takeing sites easy but Meliz went crybaby mode and bringed x15 froob agents and 14 enf x6. So if u want stop this madness you have choices.

And Baked is none on clan side just person is trash talker and afker at oag grid all day that is

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Ofc what else you can say.What now you will start spaming Osi?? Gotta give her your ingame names so she can ignore u from now lol

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This is a discussion, if you want to harass me, you can reach out to me ingame Zero, otherwise you’re not really offering anything positive to to this discussion.

tx :slight_smile:

Harss you? LOL ask around on clanside who is Baked they will tell you same, Everyone has logs how u pissing off peeps and publicly blameing one person for everything.Rip 3 day )))

Fact is it was a combined effort amongst Tnet leadership to allow this to continue, and I’ve blamed them for their lack of care “IN PUBLIC”, and their support of continued mb in pvp, of which Zero, you are the main offender, but again this is a discussion, and if you have nothing to add to it, don’t post. tx

You ganked me a few times Baked, i know who you are!

Also talking of ‘adults’ and how grown up I’m not… i didnt start the childish name calling, nor am i going to stoop to your level and carry it on… I simply made a statement of clans not trusting you… so who’s the real adult here. :thinking:

And finally ofc I’m so hiding behind my alias that i have an actual picture of myself on my bio … facepalm

Nuff said :joy:

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No idea who you are, nothing to show for your claims of getting ganked by me. My 2 characters have been at towers and towers only, so I’d love to see this gank action.

Hiding behind the alias sounds like the problem of someone who doesn’t want to be held accountable for their actions or words. Childish. On the other hand, on discord I’ve got my picture, and my character name, but you’re right, it’s cuz gamer girl, def. gonna get harassed eyeroll


You was banned on Tnet and kicked from IBN before all MB war kthx end of disscus…

Waitng more ideas about MB war

You bring up me being removed from Tnet by you and Scrumm, and me LEAVING an org who was in the IBN like either of those things have any bearing on the current problem.

This is why we can’t have nice things :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh yeah, what happened to you and Scrumm on Tnet? Oh you guys got banned, by actual leaders? Oof.

No we still RL there :grin::grin::grin:

Try something else ))) and we can join tnet when we want Want logs?))

Sure post it in #screenshots on discord… oh wait >_<