Assist command in PVP in Anarchy Online

Hello everyone!
As we know already, by the countless threads closed by FunCom GMs/Admins, playing several accounts with synchronized actions is completely allowed in any aspect of Anarchy Online.
That brings us, to a curious point, where there are certain amount of people(accounts), able to target or attack the same mob or player.
In that case, can we please, have /assist and /follow commands enabled to any area/zone again, please?
That way, everyone playing and paying Anarchy Online will have the access to these commands, which were originally established when the game was enjoyable by way more players than it currently has.
Bringing /assist and /follow back (as they already work in non-25% areas) will give back access to more and more people participating in Notum-Wars and/or Tarasque raids, to fight the one person, who’s paying for several accounts.

Otherwise, the entire community of the game will know that, that Funcom are more of pay-to-win-in-any-scenario type of Company.

Please, commend and share, until we have the official Funcom statement on the matter (And please, we want a statement from Michizure (or close to her/his Rank) or at least by someone who actually logged at least once to this game).
Thank you!


Ideally they would reverse their point on it being allowed, but otherwise this makes sense.

Yeah I would be happy to see the /assist command back, just returned back to the game. Lets see what else has changed huh

Instead of being annoyed by current situations, you could easily fix your issue by purchasing more accounts.
You could also improve your own experience to perform better at towers.

I will always advocate against MB, even in PVM. But the way it is at this moment (and people like Meliz do not realize that because they are egocentric), MB is having a disastrous effect on the global gameplay and especially pvp and notum wars, in pvm I can still see the logic for allowing it, but by allowing it in PVP, you are indirectly saying you (FC) care more about 1 player paying 6 accounts, than 6 players paying 1 account each (Meliz, not everyone can afford 6 accounts or more)

In my opinion, funcom has 2 options, reverse their statement about MB (syncing) in pvp zones (still allowing it in pvm), or re-enable follow/assist in pvp zones and notum wars because at this point, the side with the mb’s (sorry to say, mostly omni) will win and that is again indirectly neglecting half of your playerbase.

I prefer they would disallow MB and syncing in pvp related zones and punish players who do anyways and I’m not saying they need to BAN these players, but the punishment could simply be ‘banning’ them from pvp zones (or in a way re-enabling crowdcontrol when there’s more than 1 character on a single IP)
But as FC cares only about income and less about the devastating effect this has on the playerbase… I dont think we’ll see any fair adjustment to this game and the MB’rs will keep wrecking the playerexperience, slowly letting AO die out, money well spent…

bump for this

Aight to this!

MB was a problem 3 years ago
Plus when I came back again I only saw clans, why is it always clans? Even DI gave me incentive to start mbing.
When one side does it the other complains and request for change - Not different at any time of time. RIP OS+Soli SB

I’ve been at nearly every large pvp event lately and at our clanside, I have sen only 1 guy mb but 2 characters, rest were all individuals. Whilst at omni side I’ve seen multiple full team mb’s both at tara as at towers.
Regardless of which side has the mb’s, be it clan omni, or ffs even neutral, its disastrous for whoever opposes them and destructive to overall gameplay

Meliz , the point in this, is not who is using it, nor how many people, nor on which side they are.
I believe, in order for everyone to enjoy this game equally, we should all have access to the same things/commands.
That’s why throughout the years, many people have been banned for various reasons, simply because they’re using/doing something that other people can’t.
This thread is not for arguing about MB, just let it be if FC says so. None of us seems able to change that part.
On another side, we all know that various things (again, things that some people can use, others can’t) , has catastrophic effect on the game in general.
We all care about Anarchy Online, that’s why we try to change something that in a long run, will cause increasingly more damage to it’s population.
@Funcom, Losing population = Losing money income from this game, so you might as well join the discussion.

Assist and follow is not only Towers and Tarasque though, i’m sure most of you remember the days, when people used to team together, against other teams in BattleStation - it brought more fun and more quality time for everyone out there.

I get your point, however if FC decided to allow MB 3-4 years ago I don’t think they’re gonna care now.
They haven’t listened to my suggestions as of yet anyway.

NW is more fun without assist.

Also multiboxing is lame, so just ban it.

ty fc!

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bump for bring back affist/follow in PVP it would help atlest meele profs bring back.

i will also sugest to short 75% and 25% gas from 18+5 to 13+4 so towers wont be hot every day in same time. couse now lot of TL7 sides are hot in US primetime and euro players cant defending it. US players can simply wait for go sleep and they have aroud 3 or 4 hours to take side without any deffense

edit: or make gas time more wariabile betwen zones

It’s nice to see that Meliz’ IQ is lower than that of gras,… who would have thought,…

Just let me make it clear, Tower is PVP (player vs player).
And you want to say, a player consists of 6 chars? Well,… maybe a sock would have been better,…

But I am sure mommy and daddy are proud of you that you are able to win a 6v1 when you have assist which the rest does not,… so congratulations!

bump , please share so we get some more attention here.

Huge bump! Since Funcom has changed it’s stance (it did try to prevent MB by disabling /follow and /assist) and now allow third party software to achieve things that normal players can’t (/follow in pvp areas and assist), we need to go back to how it was before. It can NOT be so that using third party software should give distinct advantages in a game like this.

So let’s fix that. can’t be a very big job. Just remove the code that prevents /assist and /follow.

Also, someone mentioned tower timers. This is a separate issue, but yeah, old system was better there as well. it makes no sense to have towers hot when noone is on. That’s my opinion.


When u got 6x NT or 6x agent running on MB and using follows etc. It is too much for normal players to do anything in pvp.

So ban MB or fix something that makes MB no fun in pvp, remove follow/assist in pvp zones. Easy fix.

To ban 6x accounts is loosing money of course it is not good for us (players) too.
Everybody dont have so much money to pay 6x accounts.
On Tower Fields 6x NT can wipe Tower so fast that there is no sense on it.

I am personally happy with this what FC choose to do. MBs can play pvm and pvp is some how playable now.

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So ban MB or fix something that makes MB no fun in pvp, remove follow/assist in pvp zones. Easy fix.

The only ones that can use Assist in PVP are MBs, no one else can, because they use a third party software,… yeah, that really sounds as fair as it is.

Funcom needs to take a stance against 3rd party software in pvp environments. Doubt they will care though.

without mb and no form for assist would make the game allot more fun to open pvp to a certain level.
due to broken profession balance i dont see how any form for pvp would be much fun when the options for what to bring is limited if you want to deliver and be usefull.
kinda suprised people accept this unbalance and pay funcom for nothing in return