Can I have my money back?

I decided a few months back that paying monthly was silly. Paid four accounts for a year because even though the game was in decline, it was still fun. It also seemed as if FC was dealing with multiboxing, or at least trying to by disabling /follow and FC at least seemingly stated that software used to circumvent these changes would not be tolerated. Great!

But now the tune has changed. That software is freely and openly used while FC does nothing.

So, it’s becoming MB online again and that’s not what i paid for. So. how do I get my money back?

ps. Not interested in hearing that you are investigating. This is easy to spot if you TRY. We want to hear if you have changed your minds again and if you DID change your mind, I want my money back.

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A rather particular question, regarding the topic:
Why would /follow and /assist in PVP (25% zones) be only given to those few, who pay for multiple accounts and log them from the same PC + using a third party software?
Last time i checked, that wasn’t a part of the Anarchy Online Ingame Store or EULA.
If Funcom decides to keep the Multibox/synchronization policy, please get the license of the program used (AOMBHelper) and add it to your store.

Bear in mind, these threads are written by people, who are playing this game probably for LOOOONG before you even heard of it , on your job interview.
Thank you.


As has been stated in this ages-long saga, as long as there is a verifiable user actively in control of their character(s), there is no violation. Thank you for your concern!