Farewell AO, game over

Yes, final word from me. Me, that is Asperine, Fiftyofgrey, Bollewinkel, Blondinrl, Perforator and so on. Last week I got banned. In November 2019 FC charged my Visa twice, and since there is no response from the support (except a mail to say they are slow in responding), I asked Visa to get the money for 1 of the 2 back. And last week it seemed to have worked, and there is someone at FC alive, enough to just ban me without any explanation (or reply to my new ticket …).
Coincidence: my second payed account had to be paid next week.
I cancelled that also, I’ve got enough of FC.
This was a big decision, as AO is (was) a big part of my life the last 19 (!!!) years.
I started in 2001, a few months after the official release. 15x220, lots of twinks.
Got 12 froob accounts also, with a 200 froob for every profession.
So this is over, if anyone knows a nice game, plz respond here ![

While I don’t play AO online; billing issues seem common for all Funcom games, if you did decide not to quit you should try and message the community manager @AndyB and hopefully he’ll resolve it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately due to the nature of the issue there is not much I can personally do to help. You’ll need to wait for a reply from customer support.