Complex Account Issue

It says my email has no Ao sub linked to it. I was here on that ugly Launch day and subscribed for many many years. I dumped a crap load of money into the game on top of that.

I have proof the account exists, Im not sure if it was stolen or if it got lost from something on your end.

I saw you had a new engine beta and I wanted to check it out as I am still very fond of the First Sci-Fi MMO that ever was.

I need help fixing this. I submitted a ticket but i was blown off with a Nope nothing registered to that email bye bye.

Some of the info I have is a bit sensitive so Id like someone here to contact e privately here so I can provide details and proof and get my account back.

Someone who will look into it and NOT just take the first Out to get rid of me.

I have played your other games at Launch too I did closed Beta for TSW and AOC and i have litterally dumped thousands into your games over the years and this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Please help me


might be able to help

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Not today because in the States are Holiday.

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Awesome, Since I had to Use and Alternative account to post here, im listed as a new user and I cant even mention Andy in a comment or anything.

I hope he reads this lol

Thanks, Hopefully he will spot this :smiley:

He should get to it, just keep in mind it might not be right away. He’s basically the only community manager who peruses the forums and Funcom’s support staff is maybe 10 people (if that) who have to split their duties between all of Funcom’s live service games.

I hope he gets back to you, and if you can maybe send him a PM on here as well!

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

I apparently cant PM either :frowning:

ah well.

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