Complex account issue take 2

Attn: andyB

Im trying to get help on an account that has Vanished so I can play Anarchy Again.

It says my email has no Ao sub linked to it. I was here on that ugly Launch day and subscribed for many many years. I dumped a crap load of money into the game on top of that.

I have proof the account exists, Im not sure if it was stolen or if it got lost from something on your end.

I saw you had a new engine beta and I wanted to check it out as I am still very fond of the First Sci-Fi MMO that ever was.

I need help fixing this. I submitted a ticket but i was blown off with a Nope nothing registered to that email bye bye.

Some of the info I have is a bit sensitive so Id like someone here to contact e privately here so I can provide details and proof and get my account back.

Someone who will look into it and NOT just take the first Out to get rid of me.

I have played your other games at Launch too I did closed Beta for TSW and AOC and i have litterally dumped thousands into your games over the years and this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Please help me

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