Sent E-mail support ticket, haven't got a reply for several months

Contacted support 18th June, still havent’ got a reply. Could anyone check it perhaps?

Ticket #1192987

What’s it about? Maybe someone can help here

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I’m confident no one can help outside of Funcom, It’s to do with an old account and to access it due to some lost info. But thanks though :slight_smile: Guess I’ll never get an answer from them either, doesn’t look good on that front.

If by “old account” you mean a TSW account, then they won’t help you with that.

Oh, well that’s too bad.

I think they might help you with account issues. Probably will not help with TSW game issues.

I have the same problem with an account. Had a ticket in July and haven’t got a response and its been over 2 months. I think I might have solved mine though. I figured out what my account name was. I able to log in my account yesterday.

If it’s about TSW at all, you won’t get help from FC. None.

Not true. I had an issue in TSW a couple of months ago and a GM was able to sort it out with no problems. It did take a few weeks for him to get around to it but it was resolved eventually.

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Well, even if that’s the case. It would be nice if they could at least tell me that themselves. Was told by others elsewhere to post here about me having problems. As they don’t answer E-mail tickets apparently?

Don’t seem to answer here either

They 100% do not reply on the forums.That’s a guarantee. The “Support” forum is for player-to-player support. Andy would very occasionally reply here, but he’s made himself scare lately, too.

True. I’ve had help in TSW a couple of times in the past couple of years. Took a while, but I did get help.

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Did you open a petition in game though? I have no idea what their email support is like (or even if it’s any different) but you will eventually get a response by typing /petition in chat and asking for help that way.

well, That’s kind of my problem :slight_smile: I need help to access my account due to lost info/forgotten username/no access to old E-mail type of things.

Good for you, but TSW is officially unsupported. If a GM decided to help anyone with a TSW issue then it would be as a courtesy and not as a requirement.