Old Account Please will someone help

I am in need of someone who can help me get access back to my old account. I have tried sending support request through the web page. No reply. Tried Discord. Told they cant help and that i need to speak to a GM. Spoke to a GM. Told i need to put a ticket in to the web page.

Hey @Bigman996, welcome back.

My understanding is that account issues have to be dealt with by a specific team, who have jobs raised based on the a Support Ticket.

Sometimes the community manager can check the status of the ticket if you provide him with the number, but I think everything is going to be a little complicated at the moment due to various locations enforcing working from home and reduced contact.

Hopefully the are able to get to it soon and you can join in, in the mean time, jump on a froob account and come hang out in game.

@Auctoria_RK1 it would seem that the specific team no longer is there. I have gotten nothing back form the ticket i put in about 2 weeks ago. Some people have said its been 3 months and still no reply. This is beyond stupid. Someone needs to take some kind of action to fix this because they still charge people to play this game. I would love to pay for my old account so if they want money they need to get off there rear ends and try to help people.