Account been hacked, Need Help


Hello, I had a paid account and a froob account many years ago, about 2009. I wanted to start playing again, but when I tried to log in to paid account it said I had wrong password. I don’t have the same email since this was from 2009. But funny thing is I can still log onto froob account.
I had sent email asking for assistance over 7 weeks ago.
Please, I need some help, and would like to play on my old account since I had some good toons and a lvl 220 geared metaMy original ticket is : Funcom Support #1108690
Please, if someone can help, I would appreciate it.

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You need to email them.

But good luck with that, my original account was stolen in like 2007 and I was young back then, no bank account or CC’s…my friend had his dad buy me and him a copy of the game…I told Funcom my friends dad’s name used to purchase the game (funcom asked me name on the card) I told them my email had been connected to the account since creation until the day the thief changed it.

Anyway funcom refused to help and I heard others had similar problems getting Funcom to return accounts, but I hope you aren’t one of us who have to move on and forget about our account.

Good luck.

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We cannot assist with account issues on the forums. If you have submitted an email ticket already (which it looks like you did), then a GM will work to assist you as quickly as possible.