New returning player. Paid account works fine ^^ Froob accounts blocked. Need help

Hello. I’ve returned after about 10 years or so. Resubbed one of my main accounts. It went through fine and is playable. I go to log into my other multiple froob accounts. Not one of them will log in. I submitted a ticket for one of them to hopefully get help and it said I would get a confirmation email with the ticket reference. No confirmation email received. So I’m not even sure if that ticket will have gone through or if they can even reply to me via my email. Weird thing is that if I try and reset the password for the froob account in question. the password reset email goes through right away. So it’s clearly working in one sense, just not for the ticket confirmation email. I went on Discord and tried a few suggestions from the helpful folk. Nothing worked and they seemed as confused as me why the confirmation email isn’t coming through. They said it would be fine to send an in game petition on my account that works. So I have. Although I selected question as no category for account to choose. It’s been 3 days now of waiting. It would be 4 but I messed up and accidently deleted my first petition lol :smiley: I’ve tried all the account log in links like ones with the /uncancel_sub in the url. Nothing seems to work. I found out late last year I have a really bad medical condition. In reflection I really missed, wanted and still do want to play a little of AO through this stressful time. Any help would be appreciated.



Ok so. Because I’m stubborn and patient. I managed to get a fair few of my old froob accounts to activate. I still have one paid account I can’t get into as well as 5 other froob accounts. All of which I’m not sure of the email they’re attached to. I think a bunch of old emails got wiped years and years ago :S. One of which is my Twink mule Cries a little inside.

In case it helps. I manged to get some of them working via the account log in page with “uncancel_sub” in the url/address … BUT I had to use a VPN, which worked for some. When I tried on my normal browser. It failed. So try a VPN. The IP ban is clearly a thing and a ■■■■■■ one at that imo.

Still no word from the ticket I put in OR the petition I’ve now been waiting on for over 4 days. 0 Help from Funcom :confused:

Hi I’m still needing some help with the email addys attached to 3 accounts. I’ve managed to fix the others but I can’t do anymore until I know the emails linked to them accounts.

I haven’t done it yet, but I had this reply for the same problem

it might help you progress to getting them accounts

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Yeah thankfully Umborls responded to my petition. Helped with a couple of accounts and then for the last account it went to email. So I replied with the info requested but I haven’t heard back yet. It’s been two days but I’ll be patient.

I’m still waiting on a response to my email. I sent it last Thursday with the details asked and no reply so far. I’ve also sent another one with additional information that may help. I’d appreciate it if someone could check up on this.

3 more days and no response. A week now in total (Thurs 20th/July). I sent over (in the email) important sensitive information at Umboris’s request. As I have had no response, I’m now concerned about my information. I take this matter very seriously. I would like someone to look into this matter asap please.

What is the current problem? You mentioned you had problems with several accounts and some where fixed.

Are you trying to reset your accounts password through email? The new password through this approach I believe expires. Combined with the Funcom’s IP blocker, can make this approach tricky.

I had multiple accounts that were disabled. In the end I had a few that needed to do a password reset. I did this at a coffee shop using their wifi on my phone. This insured I had a fresh IP address and I could get through the process. After fixing a few accounts this way IP blocker was triggered. So a couple days later I fixed the rest at a department store that offered its customers free wifi.

My limit seems to be 3 accounts in 24 hours and when IP blocker hits, I wait 2 days or before trying again.

Originally all my many froob accounts were blocked. About 14 of them. After advice on discord and google being my frand. I managed to unlock a few. Then after more searching and reading posts like yours and others with similar problems I decided to go the VPN route as I figured it was the ip block thing. Yep it was. So I then managed to unblock all but three accounts myself jumping from one country to another onj the vpn and using the Uncancel_sub version of the account log in link. finally after upping my petition in game from a question to exploit. I got a response from Umboris to the petition where he helped unblock the two other froob accounts. So I tried to log into one. It worked fine on both account log in and game. The 2nd froob one, I couldn’t log into either one but the game client wasn’t saying unpaid or blocked anymore… just that my password is wrong. But I don’t know the email for that account so can’t reset the password. So the petition/ticket was taken to emails. I was asked to send proof of ID after that They should be able to help. Photo of my passport (blacking out the numbers and stuff) was sent. No reply for multiple days. Waited patiently. Decided to resend the email on Monday in case it didn’t go through. This time adding proof of my provisional drivers licence. Waited patiently… still waiting, not as patiently :slight_smile: Edit: Actually the first froob account out of the two Umboris unblocked in game, I can log into game with it but not the account page for it. So that one isn’t fully fixed either although not as much of a prob as i can play it at least.

Forgotten email address can only be addressed by Funcom support.

You can try the forgot your password option and then enter the account name. It will send an email to the address on file but it does not give any clue what it is. For me, I got the email in 2 minutes.

Next check all your known email accounts inbox and spam folder. You can also a search on the ao account name in case you routed the email to a folder. The password reset link is only good for 24 hours but your really after finding out the email address.

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