Accounts being locked after server reboot

So, any word on what’s going on with the accounts being locked after that reboot today? Any timeline or information or heck, anything? Little miffed that it’s been 9 hours and the only thing I’ve seen is on discord in the announcements that it’s known and being worked on.

You mean a paid account or froob? My froobs were unfrozen after about 2-3 hours. Paid accounts weren’t supposed to be frozen so not sure if they’re aware if there’s any problem there.

Mine is paid. And is still locked. Have heard nothing for the ticket that was opened. Sure got the email about needing to pay for it even though my sub is not even close to being over.

Hope you get it sorted soon then :cry:

Thanks, me too. Kind of frustrated that I’ve heard nothing back in 13 hours. Not even a hey, we’re busy but we’ll get to it email.

13 hours? man, support takes aprox 1-2 weeks to respond. and i´m not joking. thats on account issues… dunno for less important stuff how long it takes.

Yep, it takes weeks to get a response. I’m waiting for a reply on my ticket since 9th of March.

Are you serious about that open time? I can’t log in because my sub has disappeared and you guys are saying 2 WEEKS for support to respond?

i waited 8 days for my account issue to be worked on… sadly… also i didnt only write a mail to support… i did just: 2 Support Mails, Ingame Peition, 2x Twitter, PM to Supporters, Discord and finally a mail to funcom offices (not support). on discord got banned after calling them out. also beeing told roibos is not doing tickets. in the end he worked my ticket. so go figure…

That’s not good news… many of us have account issues (I have been charged twice and cant even use the expansions on main server)… there are lots of threads about people who say they can’t log in or are frozen… Should we spam FC?

sure can spam them… but they will lock down and/or delete all threads with some critizism. allways been like that and lately all those threads vanish :smiley:

Guess there is no way for us to write a complaint, right? The only option I imagine is writing to Steam about our problems…

could try to write a mail to funcom (not support) and ask for it to be forwarded to someone in charge thats not support. atleast thats what i did… couple hours later i got my problem fixed… haha… coincidence?^^

We confirm you have a couple tickets in the system and we’ll work to answer you as quickly as possible. We cannot offer direct account and billing support on the forums however, so we must kindly ask you for your patience while we work to resolve your issue via your email tickets. Thank you!

Issue cannot be resolved on the forums. Please don’t advocate spamming us or other ‘drastic’ measures, as that only further strains our resources and will result in even longer wait times for everybody.