Fix to "account frozen /other account issues in here"

Just came back and resubbed and was trying to log my bank alt.

Lo and behold, i got a text saying my account is banned/frozen/needs subbing or something like that, and i thought maybe i tired at night subbed that account and carried on.

But no! It was newer subbed i found out and there is a fix :
Do this to fix account on frozen accounts:

Log in to the correct account at:

Click one of these links and try if one of them will fix log in for you, there will be no confirmation text or anything , you just paste the address and press enter and try login in, if first don’t work try second link:



I know im happy to own my MP and bank again xD.

PS : Send tip to “Rippermax” if you want, im sorry but people no more tip at dancing in Borealis, hence no moniies, thanksies!

If you see guy dancing in Borealis, tip him he is poor and doing the only thing he’s good at the game!!

Well, thanks for that. However, as people can’t log in, I don’t anticipate seeing you dancing in Bor.

Yup, but i fixed that too for you my friend, i soon will be dancing!

You. Deserve. A. Fricking. Medal.

FC really doesn’t care about AO player base anymore, it seems.

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