Login issues are beeing looked at!

Hey all, i would just like to informa all players that i got in contact with someone from Funcom, and i relayed the message that the login servers are down.

I think the issue will be looked at now, this is all info i know, but yeah just wanted to say that the issue is beeing looked at.

Hope will get playing soon, imagine what the aliens do there while we cant defend Rubi-KA !


This is not good enough we pay good money to play and cant log in.
and you have to jump over hoops to find any information about it

I agree with you.

But the situation is what it is, my own attiitude is just to make the best of the situation, not defending the game situation at all, but still after i have stated the facts (Support should be better on all fields). I d ont want to cause harm for the game is still love and want to play.

Keep playing and keep making videos/streams, oure only chance of getting us better support and better state of game , is to get as much players logging in and subbing as possible.

If we make it so that there is nice to play for all (help, team, pull together) and we would stream and make interesting posts we have a chance to get more players , and with more players comes more revenue, and now suddenly we are talking the same language as the coropration. $$.

Thats the reality of it now, in my point of view, but i might be wrong too :). Inderstant angry mails i have made my own, but now i see that the best action is to make the game populated and profitable so that it mattesrs to someone more.

Contacted the hosting company too about the logging server issue.

i am not sure who you are but i am sure that you are not a representative of funcom or anarchy online and it is those people who should be giving us information about loggin servers not working ect.

i do not have a contact at funcom who can assure me that they are aware of the issue.

and i appreciate you making this topic so that i can understand that it is not just me with this issue, so thank you, but it really is not good enough and should not be tolerated.

The smaller population should not be the issue as years gone by it has always been the same where support is concerned.

i am not angry at all i just want to play a game that i pay alot of money for :slight_smile:

Yes i do not represent Funcom in anyway, im just a player, who’d like to play :slight_smile:

Appreciate you doing the leg work on this. While I agree with thestien that it should be FC doing the report-out, I appreciate you providing some info.

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just to let you know i can login now dont know if funcom have stated this anywhere? :slight_smile:

Thanks friend! Youre kind words made it worth the trouble ! =)

Thanks gotta test it!

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