Charged twice for sub and still free to play account

I was charged twice while trying to re-sub. It shows active subscription, but account type is free to play still. I subbed on monday and still same status. Can you refund 1 month and change sub date accordingly when you fix this? Paying for nothing is not acceptable. My Funcom ticket is #1224069.

You won’t get any answer here.

Yes, did some investigation and clearly FC has abandoned all of their AoC related sites. I found advice and I filed BBB case basically forcing FC to get the message and giving response/refund. In worst case scenario I will contact bank and risk getting banned for payment withdrawal.

Payment withdrawal WILL automatically get your account banned and locked. If you want to play the game, I recommand go through the conciliation process and you will eventually get refunded or get all the premium time you paid.

Yup I’ll see what the response will be first. This is so sad to watch how far people need to go for service.

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