Issue fixed. Read for info. Frozen/Banned>FreeAccount>Finally marked Paid

I paid my sub. Logged in and got to level 10. Now today i am excited to play again and it says i don’t have access to this dimension just like it did before i paid. I checked my payment history and all is good.


This is an extreme buzz kill (if there was a buzz to log into a 20 year old game. Can you fix this asap, please)

I just got the same issue. I leveld to 5 then logged out. When i tried to get back in I got the ‘no access to this dimension’. My payment history still list the payment as approved, but my account is listed as FREE even tho i have paid.

Well I was going to start a post, but i’ll just reply here, what the actual @#$@. Same thing, except i reacvtivated my old account, payment went through, on both funcom’s website and my bank, and that account is still deactivated, that was over 24 hours ago, submitted a ticket, still no response. But, I wanted to play so i upgraded a free account to premium, and that all seem to work, and now that account is showing no access. You would think after nearly 20 years, they could have learned how to set up a working account/billing system. Dont expect it to be fixed any time soon, they apparently pay someone to answer forum posts, but not customer service tickets. Sorry for the rant, I love your games Funcom, but damn you sure do hurt us some times.

Its kinda ridiculous really. I seem to remember issues like this with AoC. How could they still have billing issues after all these years?

I haven’t used this service in a long time. Your business opportunity is to re-gain me as a customer. Within 24 hours of using your service i am not allowed into the game. Your own website says the payment is approved and already paid.

IVE ALREADY LOGGED IN AND GOTTEN TO LEVEL 10 and now it won’t let me…

This opportunity will quickly go by for myself and many others, mainly due to the age of your game. Just in case it matters - if my company had suffered a downward spiral due to over saturation of our product on the market, and the customers that did want to give me money couldn’t do so because of errors - i would be replacing those employees. This is frustrating and embarassing to say the least.

Same Issue. Subbed last night, played to 10, today account is listed as free even though the subscription is removed from my bank account and shows in the payments window on the AO and funcom websites.

register dot funcom dot com is also a no go… reactivating account did change account from cancelled to open, but still listed as free.

They are deleting posts about it as well.

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I’m having the exact same issue.
My bank account ended up being charged TWICE yesterday due to the account frozen issue, you’d think I’d have twice the activation status :thinking:

Is everyone having this issue or just a handful of us?

Same issue . I paid then they freeze my account. So I pay again and it therefore charged me twice. Then I get access. I play all day now they downgraded my account to free to play. This is beyond stupid. What is wrong with you Funcom can you not get your act together. This is very annoying .

This is sad af. It’s also an old game with dead forums and no service. I have emailed them. Tried to call them (disconnected), tried to call Norway, tried to call Switzerland. Nothing.

What really ■■■■■■ me off to no end is that i have paid and their own website says i paid. Account frozen and it says i haven’t paid on log-in screen, or sometimes it says no access to this dimension.

How could they not have resolved this 15 years ago? I have found numerous threads about this exact issue dating back to 2001…


Same. Logged out once and now I’m locked out. I’ve been charged twice and have two “Approved” payments. Earlier tonight it said my account was frozen, but now it’s just listing me as a free player. Progress maybe?

Are we going to get any help with this today?

They are located over in Europe, it is very early in the morning there. Hopefully someone will wake up soon and go to the office (assuming they work Fridays).

I certainly hope you aren’t referring to Oslo. As its 3am there…

Ah, you are correct, I was thinking they were further east

So you were referring to Oslo…

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What’s going to be very frustrating is when they come along with their generic forum lock response

" The Support Team can not help with any account or billing issues over the forums.

The only right way for this kind of issues is the E-mail Ticket System "

And we still get no official statement, apology, or reply from customer support.

( originally a reply to I am going to do charge backs if i dont get help SOON )


When I heard they opened the fresh RK server, my friend and I decided to come back to the game and give it a try. Wary of FC’s awful system, I was worried when I had to change my payment method, but it went fine (or so I thought). It was approved within minutes, but the account was still frozen. Servers were down at the time anyway, so I decided to check again later.

Lo and behold, even though my first payment went through, they decided to try and charge my debit card again, and that failed (well, of course - I didn’t transfer enough for 2 x 1 month sub). Account is frozen now, and I’m awaiting a response from support. Ah, so 2001.

Funcom, don’t lock this thread and don’t even try to ask us for patience. This is a systematic problem, and you had 18 years to fix it. We’re kind of running low on patience here. What could’ve been a great way to bring players back has turned into a disaster for many of us.


Well I did get access to the discord and there is a post there that they have a large number of tickets and they are working through them. Removed my posts, no point adding to the fire.

Oh, good to know that. I thought they had no tickets in queue and - even if they did - they weren’t working on them. I guess it’ll be resolved by the time RK2020 arrives. Thanks!

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it now shows me as paid and not frozen or banned but im marked “free” and i cant log into the new server. I have already paid, several times.


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