Issue fixed. Read for info. Frozen/Banned>FreeAccount>Finally marked Paid


If your account is marked Frozen/Banned - check it again now. Mine updated.

If you account is now marked “paid” but your still marked “free account” - (which means you cannot log into the new server) then you need to create a character on the old server. Log in. Log out. Now check your account and it should say membership or something and then you can make a new character on the new server.


Tried it and it still did not work for me


Only they can launch something and not be prepared for it not a bit. They are just incredible like that. Brings back memories. Not the good kind. I’ve also paid yesterday but i was never able to login, account remained frozen ^^.


Just got home from the movies. Account page says “Paid” now and I can log in to the new server. Hopefully they will resolve the other issues soon. I’m glad they responded to the concerns on discord, however the addition of a new line of communication does not mean they should have been negating the forums :zipper_mouth_face:. Thank you fellow community members that have taken it upon themselves to assist in customer support communications :+1:


How can we acces that discord chanell , i would like to let them know about my issue too. ?


The forums, just like Discord, are not a way for you to have your billing issues resolved directly nor a way to circumvent the queue. We answer all tickets in the order received and we’re working to get through every request as quickly as possible!

If you want to join chat, here’s the link:

But again, just note that we can’t resolve billing issues in chat. You’ll need to submit an email ticket at for that.

Thanks all!