Return of healthy pvp

Hello there!

Are you interested in pvp? Perhaps you’ve been a veteran at pvp in this game and have that itch again? Maybe you’ve been a consumer of the pvp scene this game has to offer in one way and another and have been frustrated with the who, how and why to continue?

With current circumstances and the cooperation on Omni and Clan at this moment in time I offer everyone a chance to have a voice on how to proceed to make the game viable and fun again.

  • No tolerance to multiboxing or multilogging characters to gain an unfair advantage. If you log a toon and you use multiple characters for buffing or transportation as part of a tower offense or defense, you must also then not use these in combat within or outside the field to gain numbers or a quicker way back to the fight.

  • No tolerance to stacking or use of aosharp in pvp

  • No baseless accusations

  • Document and talk over incidents that occur within the discord to solve them in a informative way, don’t use private messages unless not able (i.e banned user, invite players if possible if they are not)

Breach of our rules results in your removal of participation on the server and our activities, including with the BS discord
First offense is a temporary ban. Second offense is permanent ban.

The Idea is to come together as a community, cooperate about what issues are at play and how to solve them to stimulate the pvp scene back into life

  • Battlestation, smaller and larger-scaled fighting with randomized sides
  • City pvp being a viable and healthy option
  • Eventually manage to bring tower fights back into the game
  • Discord
    Join us here if you are interested

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    Hang on, aren’t you Melizabe?

    That is correct.

    Yea main person who bringed MB pvp to notum wars with hes x6 NT, now he trying make solo pvp, lmao this is funny, Just heard hes GF Matt mbed 214 solo agent becasue he couldnt catch him to kill with one toon :D, Your project wont go anywhere mate

    This is a lot to unpack. On one hand, there’s a lot of built up resentment in the community towards some of the people involved. On the other hand, we have nothing to gain by trying to kill this movement. It’s time for everyone to set aside their differences and actually work towards preserving some semblance of regular PvP. We’ve screamed for it for years now. Time to actually put forth some effort. Otherwise we all turn into those weirdos that sit in a dark room moping around and complaining while refusing to make an effort towards the change we pretend we want.

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    Like killing clan sites with neutral orgs to give MB orgs like Obeya? :slight_smile: Wow no words lmao i’ll be soon when my job over, I’ll fix everything

    This makes me laugh Melz…how many days till your ego takes over and you and whatever other idiots log ur MBS to ruin the game again? I have always liked you Melz but you of all people being a champion for fair pvp is quite ironic. Please learn from all of our mistakes in the past and just let go and move on…

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    Why not actually attempt to “fix” something and play a single account like the rest of us? It’s more fun. I promise.

    Hey Tidus nice to see you around, Finally sameone giving facts here :slight_smile:

    Image they want no MB pvp, but look what happens in thier discord, Matt logs NT box vs 214 solo agent becasue he can lol, Have all logs can provide, They want fresh start but makeing everyone agianst me lol even im not boxing anyone like 3 weeks and just waitng when Meliz Vik and Matt starts fun then i will resub and do some noice kills, What about yourself Meliz, Matt and Vik you guys also pure MBers, even Vik being in that discord used 36froob agents to kill sameone tower, becasue HE can

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    Bro i dont mind fixing things, But they did banned me on thier discord w/o reason, I didnt say single word
    just waited for real action, Sad to see how omnis control clan side, Thanks to Red org and Dontcry, Thier kids using neut toons to destory clan orgs sites to give Obeya org who Mbed all of you with Alphasold old days but somehow you all forget this
    You got blackmailed into giving obeya a PW site or he’ll MB sites XD

    Interestingly enough, that’s not how that transpired. If you ever want to have an actual conversation based on facts with someone who was actually involved, you know where to go. Anything less than that is just deliberate misinformation to try and justify your own transgressions.

    Glad to see some familiar faces here though. Still unwilling to meet in the middle somewhere so that the majority can enjoy the game without harassment from the minority, but it’s good to see you all are still in good health.

    It’s a game. It’s supposed to be fun. We can attempt to make it fun, or we can continue this perpetual anger and hatred and question why we still log on.

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    Bol be nice k

    Hello Zero!
    It’s been a while since we had some decent pvp around without boxes coming to mess up the fun for solo players. Either its omni boxing and clan retaliating, or the other way around. Its an evil circle of toxicity that doesnt roll with the majority of the pvpers playing the game. Even if theres no MBs theres a 200 froob nt with a candycane out of this world ready to take back sites or just destroy everything around.

    What do you purpose we do to end this circle that doesnt help the pvp improve for anyone? Im very curious to hear cause what we want is to stop it ourself as a community, but if we’re going to let the past stay with us its not going to do us any good. It’s about time we look ahead and come up with some kind of understanding over what we can do to make this awesome game enjoyable for everyone who likes to pvp.

    In order to do this we need to find common ground with our fellow players on the opposing factions and listen, respect and trust eachother. I know this can be hard. Its a game thats been running for over 20+ years and it would be foolish to think that during this cross faction cooperation theres not going to be conflicts running years back which makes it hard to accomplish. In the end we have to take in to consideration that the ones playing this game plays it to enjoy it, have fun and socialize with friends they’ve been playing with for decades.

    Theres been multiple suggestions to how we’re going to manage this type of reset to the pvp community… 50/50 split on tower fields, nuke all towers and start fresh, give away fields but theres no quick or easy answere cause the past has been so messed up that its not really easy to say whats fair anymore.

    You’re making out clan pvpers to be omnis, calling us kids of dontcry, but you show absolutely no interest in improving the state of pvp yourself.

    It’s true some clanners including myself, made neut toons to get more pvp than we did playing one faction. This doesnt make me or them omni. It made us neutral on that toon and we would fight omni and clan who would want to fight us. (you know this cause you got clan teaming omnis to kill us). If we got some kind of mutual agreement to how we can pvp together omni and clan i would log my clan toons to help out my original faction. But these agreements needs time to sink in and some sacrifices are going to have to be made, thats just the way it goes.

    What im seeing at this point is old mbers trying to legitly pvp, and for them to be able to do so they need legitly played clan pvpers to fight. Part of this is only playing one toon in a fight, dont gank warp, be respectful, don’t accuse people without proof, dont stack, dont use 3rd party programs like AOMH, Ao# or other programs in pvp. These are really easy steps to take!

    I dont expect you to reply to this with more than a couple sarcastic or ironic statements, and thats if u even acknowledge me at all, haha. Its a long text… But if you choose to do so, please bring to the table what you want in order to make a healthy pvp community!


    zero plays 3 accounts simultaneously in tl2 not including his engineer for warps its actually sad

    Niko dammit…stop commenting so eloquently. Making me think about the good ol AO days! Hope your doing well brother!

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    Time for everyone. To grow as individuals. Reflect.

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    It is sad to see the animosity is still alive.
    I won’t reply to anyone in particular but you’re finding yourself resisting change for no reason.
    Coming together to revive a fantastic part of the game is ultimately up to every individual to grow themselves better than they were previously.
    I wish for everyone to join and participate and help everyone to have fun with pvp in the game.
    If you have questions or want to talk don’t be afraid to inbox me.

    I have updated the server to further strengthen the community and let anyone come in and find interesting setups they can do themselves to then join the growing amount of people playing with us.
    Be the change today and join us ingame and participate within the server and community.
    There is a TL5 BS event happening this weekend the 30th september.

    Wish you all the best,
    And to see you ingame,


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    Why are you trying to ruin TL5 BS? (The most active and smoothly run BS) Aren’t there plenty of dedicated PvP locations in the game? If there is no one in those locations then take the hint, no one cares about PvP. I doubt that ganking PvM/fr00b players trying to get daily missions completed is “fun” for anyone. I don’t know and don’t care what issues you experience that is unfair in PvP, but surely the duel system, city dojo’s, etc. are more likely to avoid them?

    The only healthy AO is one without PvP.

    Expect some people to join and just walk around with placards chanting;



    animosity, do you talk about your self ?:slight_smile: Anyway you did block me from pvp discord when i didnt break any rule, So i bet you need fix this if you want fair good old pvp style,and sorry to hear about your buffers on omni trade :frowning: Hey KC nice to see you around

    Agreed, with the low population 4-cap x3 is the best way to go in BS, or you might get stuck in queue for 4 days

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